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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

is not easy to understand in today's popular methods of treating and healing the body with the help of alternative medicine, because a lot of non-traditional methods, and identify charlatans is becoming increasingly difficult.Meeting with the values ​​of the most popular of them will help a little to dispel the doubts and fears.

Apioterapiya - treatment of diseases such as hypertension, peptic ulcer, intestinal, bronchitis bee products, which include honey, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, bee venom.

Aromatherapy - a method of treatment of various diseases (from circulatory disorders to depression, neurotic) essential oils.Medical procedures are carried out in the form of massages, inhalations, baths, compresses, and oral administration.They are in essence penetration into tissues and blood, acting like hormones to help resolve various processes in the body.

Aeroionotherapy - a method where the body is exposed to improve the functioning of the nervous system and strengthens the immune system nega

tively charged ions.This trend is fairly new, it has no effect on its popularity today.

Balneotherapy - method of influencing the improvement of health through the use of pi mineral waters.It is usually used inside the (drinking mineral waters) or outside (mineral bath).Treatment is appointed by the doctor, as different water have different effects.

- method, which gained new popularity in the modern world.The use in the treatment of quality wine has beneficial effects on the blood, prolonging life.

Halotherapy - methods used in the treatment of acute or chronic diseases: respiratory, skin, nervous disorders, decreased immunity by exposure to salt mines (rooms).

Hypnotherapy - a method that consists in applying artificially induced altered states of consciousness.It is used mainly for correction of pathological conditions.

Hirudotherapy - method based on the use of leeches.It is intended for the treatment of blood circulation, which is the basis for a wide range of diseases.

cryomedicine - method, which consists in the use of local and general exposure to cold in the treatment of diseases such as warts, moles, corns, rhinitis, pharyngitis, rheumatism and others.

Lithotherapy - treatment of diseases minerals, crystals, mineral supplements, healing clays.

Massage - method of prevention and treatment of diseases with impact on the body surface of various methods that help to improve blood circulation and reflex effect, using the important points.

- method, under the influence of which techniques are achieved different results.The techniques that are used in medicine, include: acupuncture, acupressure, electroacupuncture, thermopuncture, kriopunkturu, as well as light, magnetic, pharmacological, laser puncture.

Tantra - the method used to prolong life and health by involving mild sexual energy.

Endogenous breathing - method, which is based on the practice of treating and healing the body with the help of specially-selected breathing exercises.

Removing stones from the gallbladder and bile ducts.

night before, eat only salad, beetroot (fresh rub), carrots (fresh rub), cabbage (fresh or pickled), lemon juice.

At 9:00 cook oat porridge with water 1/2 cup and eat (liquid, add salt and sugar to taste).

«Hercules" creates a high content of mucus stones to better yields.

in 12 hours.drink tea:

Hypericum 1/5 tsp mint 0.5 tsp lemon juice, honey.All this in 200 g of boiling water.

15 minutes before tea swallow Table 2-3.extract of buckthorn or rhubarb or senna leaf.

in 14 the area of ​​the liver put a heating pad for 6 hours.

15 hours.drink Table 2-3.laxative and drink hot tea (see. above).So to warm up the liver as far as possible.

in 18 hours.dry in oven thin black bread croutons, salted them.Squeeze one lemon in half and diluted with water.Cook organic coffee (2 hours. L. Glass of water).

Drink 1 ampoule platifilina or 1 table.No-Spa + 1 table.papaverine.After 30 minutes the drink 150 g of olive oil (corn, sunflower good), heated to 50 ° C.Drink diluted lemon juice (or grapefruit juice), drink a cup of black coffee and eating biscuits.Lie on your left side, relax.The maximum relax the solar plexus.There should be no tension and irritation.After receiving oil muscles bile.bubble drastically reduced, and there will be the release of its contents in duodenum.After an hour, you can repeat the process, even after drinking 150 grams of oil.At 22-23 hours can be done enema, and on the next day.You can do without it.Gradually will leave rocks, sand, excess bile and mucus.During the procedure will occur signs of pain - someone weaker, someone strong - do not be afraid of them, must be endured.

A week before the procedure and within a week after it should be lean food.

900 ml of grapefruit juice, 200 ml of lemon juice, 2 liters of melt water, cooked in the refrigerator.In the morning, cook and drink Glauber's salt solution: 1 tbsp.Glauber's salt spoon, dissolved in 100 ml of thawed water.Better then warm up in the sauna, take a warm shower.Sweating is strong.Every

30 minutes to drink a mixture of juices 100.The procedure was carried out 3 consecutive days.

They also include drinking juice freshly - carrot or apple in mixture with beet (4: 1) at 150-200 ml before meals.In addition, it provides for the simultaneous use of alcohol tincture of herbs celandine as follows: before breakfast - 1 drop, before dinner - 2 drops, before dinner - 3 drops.The dose was adjusted to 15 drops per once, and then gradually reduced to 1 drops.To prepare the tincture of celandine crushed and squeeze the juice, strain it through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth, and 450 ml of juice, 70 ml of rubbing alcohol.Store in the cold.

addition lymph cleansing, this treatment has a beneficial effect in hypertension, asthma, gastrointestinal disease, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, osteochondrosis and other diseases.

once a week in the morning to collect fairly large bunch of parsley, dill, lovage, garlic and green leaf lettuce.Eat a beam on an empty stomach, without salt and bread.On the need to look somewhere else, if something of the following do not grow in your garden, but parsley is needed.Other herbs only enhances its action, so you can choose according to your taste.Half an hour later you can begin the next phase (ie. E. Have the greens and so on. D. Until the end of the day).By the end of the day Quench your thirst and hunger extremely ripe juicy fruits.Cleaning should be combined with active physical work.This gentle cleansing of the body (boosts immunity).

Scald 2 cups fresh leaf plums, then cut into small pieces and pour 250 ml of boiling water.Boil for 3 minutes, stirring.Infuse for 3 hours in an enamel pot, lid closed.Strain, wet the gauze, wring out and put it on the affected area for 10 minutes.Then remove the gauze, the skin wash, dry and put on the 2? 3 hours on the sore spot grated carrots.After removing the pulp greased 10% propolis ointment.

Propolis ointment is prepared as follows: propolis or dissolved in 90% alcohol to the consistency of an ointment or use 50% Propolis ointment prepared in oil in low boiling.

mixture of broth oak bark with propolis tincture

Pastor Sebastian Kneipp was probably the first "fan of the water," a man who has become successfully applied water therapy.With water he has helped many people get rid of various diseases.

Being healthy - it means including being slim.During 50 years of active work of the pastor a lot of people get rid of excess weight, using his method.For more than 100 years since the "Kneipp courses," the pastor's death continued to develop in Germany.Today, they are a reliable way to become leaner.

principle therapy Kneipp based on three types of water treatment:

Rubbing: water is applied to the skin with a sponge or a small towel

Baths: for certain parts of the body and the whole body is completely

Pouring: normal shower hose enough to holdpouring arms and legs.

Water Treatments Kneipp pastor can easily be held in a private shower or bath and a couple of towels - that's all you need.

better to use for wiping fresh, cold water.Saturate the sponge with water or a wet towel, apply water to the skin with a thin layer.The body will react immediately to this effect on the nerve endings release of hormones.

wiping should be carried out on warm skin for a short time.After them immediately rub the body with a towel, dress warmly and go in a warm bed.Kneipp offers full and partial wiping, without additives or with additives (vinegar, wine vinegar, salt, herbal teas).

Already at the time of the famous pastor-healer swimming technique was very diverse.There are four main options for a given water treatments:

Simple bath

Contrast bath, first with warm, then cold

Bath, water temperature which was gradually raised

Bath, water temperature which decreased - from hot to cold or warm.

Similar procedures can be used not only for the whole body, but also separately for the arms, legs, lower torso.It is useful to use various additives stimulating or aromatic, such as grass.

slimming method Kneipp was known 100 years ago.In the 1970s, water therapy has been forgotten.But today more and more people are convinced of the effectiveness of simple water treatments.

pouring Pastor Kneipp attached special importance: a simple pouring when the water does not come under the pressure, but simply poured over the body or its parts.There are special types of douches: knee, hip, head and hands, which are easy to apply at home.

pouring face also are refreshing, accelerate blood circulation, increase metabolism, and therefore increase the need of energy in cells.

Nature provides man with nothing incomparable richness of flavor nuances in the bathroom.On sale there are always a variety of additives for baths and essential oils that reveal countless different aromatic notes.Recommended lemon balm, peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, juniper berries, pine needles, chamomile, cloves, fennel, anise, and others.Aromatic additives are perceived by the body through the respiratory tract and partially through the skin.They have a relaxing and soothing effect or, conversely, invigorate.

Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) - priest, who lived in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Voriskhofen.

trying to cure himself of tuberculosis, he developed a whole system, which is based on the regulation of everyday life with the help of a simple diet and consistent use of a simple cold water - inside and externally.

basic rules of his system is very simple: go to bed early, get up early, walk barefoot in the morning dew, wet stones, as well as in the snow.Eating should be easy to eliminate all stimulants (coffee, tea, nicotine, alcohol), to minimize the use of bread and meat.

In his book, "My water cure."Kneipp causes a large number of recommendations on the methods and ways of washing, wraps, baths (foot, hand, head, eye, steam, etc.), Half-baths, compresses, douches.

Hydrotherapy treatments he combined with herbal and aromatherapy, exercise.

Kneipp achieved such success in treating a variety of diseases (including heavy, not giving or poorly treatable conventional therapy), which attracts to it the whole of Europe - from simple peasants to the royals.

Kneipp believed that with the help of the three properties of water (to dissolve, remove and strengthen) can cure all.

term "radiesteziya" comes from the Greek words "radio" - "radiation" and "astezis." - "Feeling, feelings'This term denotes the innate ability of some people to feel human biofield energy radiation and other forms of energy (such as magnetic, electric fields, radioactive radiation).Such people are called radiestezistami.

radiestezii One manifestation is the search of underground water by means of a rod (dowsing).The process of obtaining information radiestezistom called biolocation.Most often in the study of bio-field radiestezist uses such tools as the frame, swingarm, vine and so. D. Before the procedure, dowsing radiestezist calms, cleanses the mind of extraneous thoughts, sets the frame mode (vines, pendulum).For example, the deviation of the frame to the right or the pendulum movement in a clockwise direction means a positive answer to the question of the scope of the deviation to the left or the pendulum motion clockwise - negative.Then he articulates the question that interests him, and focusing attention on this issue.This radiestezist emits energy waves that are directed to the object of study.These waves are reflected from the bio-field of the object and returning to radiestezistu carry information, the answer to the question.Information waves interact with biofield radiestezista, which, in turn, drives the sensing pendulum (rod, frame), this increases the amplitude and speed of motion of the pendulum, changing the angle of rotation of the frame.Frames are made of wood (maple, willow, hazel, beech, oak) and metal (copper) alloys (steel, brass).The shape of the frame is divided into T-, Z-, A-frame.Dimensions branches of L-shaped frames: Horizontal - 30 cm, vertical - 9-12 cm pendulum is made of the same material as the frame, and hung on a silk or cotton cord length of 6-10 cm In the study radiestezist holding a pendulum on the right..(right-handed) or the left (left-handed) hand, arm bent at the elbow and does not touch the body.News of the pendulum movement occurs within 2-5 seconds after the start of the study.With the medical purpose for-aesthesis used to diagnose the disease, choice of treatment, monitoring of the dynamics of the patient during therapy.Also with the help of the selection radiestezii produce herbal medicine.Widely used this method for the detection of geopathogenic zones, with adverse effects on human health.Geopathic zones are formed as a result of fracture of the crust, located above the underground water, voids, mineral deposits, underground churches, abandoned graves of people.

This gift radiestezist can determine the state of their own bio-field, as well as the status of the biofield of any other living organism and an inanimate object (humans, animals, plants, minerals, and so on. D.).

Earth's surface is riddled with power lines (lines Hartman), which extend in different directions.The distance between two adjacent lines varies from 1 to 2 m. Intersection lines formed Hartman power nodes.Power components are also to geopathic zones.Prolonged contact geopathogenic zones have a marked deterioration on animate and inanimate objects.Leaving the man in this area noted a significant deterioration of health, the development of serious diseases.It is especially dangerous when on geopathogenic zone is a place of rest, work, meals, because this is where people spend the most time.Thus, the detection of geopathogenic zones contributes to disease prevention and treatment of existing disease.

self-medication based on the same rules and methods as the psychic treatment.The procedure for self-medication is to recruit and uniform distribution of energy throughout the body, the concentration of energy in the organs of patients, the treatment of laying on of set is conducted as follows: lie down, relax, put your hands on the solar plexus.On the inhale to direct the energy in the solar plexus, as you exhale - distributed throughout the body down to the fingertips.Carry out exercise of 5-10 min, 3 times a day.

treatment is carried out as follows: lie down, take a comfortable position.l.3 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.l.l.