Central locking

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

Accordingly, this structure, the eye when vision is normal, see one part of the object is better and worse than all the others, in proportion to their distance from the point of view of the best.The eye tries to see at the same time a significant part of their visual field equally well only if his vision is not perfect.Such an attempt inevitably leads to low stress and the eyes and the mind.This can easily make anyone whose vision is close to normal, he will try to see if the size of tangible zone - all equally well - at the same time.At close distance is an attempt to see the area in such a way, even half a centimeter in diameter will result in discomfort and pain.All that gives the eyes rest naturally leads to the restoration of normal levels of central fixation.It easily recovers conscious practices.Sometimes this is the easiest and fastest way to improve your vision.

As we noted in the description of the structure of the eye and how it works, the fovea center where all elements except the cones and

their related cells (neurons), virtually disappear, is the site of most acute vision.As you move farther from this point of sharpness of vision decreases rapidly.Consequently, a healthy eye sees one part of an object to which it looks best, and all the rest of the worse in proportion to their distance from the point of maximum visual acuity.Invariable symptom of abnormal states of the eye, whether functional or organic abnormality is loss of central fixation.When vision deteriorates, regardless of the cause of the sensitivity of the pits likewise deteriorates to such an extent that the eye sees as or even better than other parts of the retina.

Still (again pay attention to that our readers) Main violations of factors, including the central fixation is mental stress.Since all the abnormal conditions of the eye - both organic and functional - accompanied by mental strain, it is absolutely all of them and must be accompanied by loss of central fixation.Not coincidentally, when the brain is under stress, the eyes are usually more or less blinded.Primarily this is blinded at the center of vision (fully or partially - it depends upon the degree of voltage).

If the voltage is sufficiently large, then in the process, all or a large part of the retina may be involved.When partially or completely suppressed the function of the center, man, we repeat, can not see the best point at which he is looking.In this case, the objects for which it does not look right, are seen as good or even better, because the sensitivity of the retina has now become approximately equal in each of its parts, or even better in the part, which is the center.This means that a person is not able to see the best part is that it looks at in all cases of impaired vision.We ask our readers to remember that the nerves of the central fossa vibrate on their own when and if they are relaxed.Therefore, learn to maintain eye in a relaxed state both during rest and during visual work.No voltage under any circumstances, except for deliberate movements when you exercise.

When you are able to realize the vision of one part of his visual field better than the rest, and you will be able to reduce the size of the visible area is best.If you bring the view from the bottom of the largest letters on the test card to the top of it and you will see are not considered part of this letter is worse than a part, recorded a look, you most likely will be able to do the same with the letter and the next line.In this way, we may be able to get to the bottom line and, looking from the top of the letters to their bottom, to see the worst of them, which you do not consider right.If you succeed, you can and read the letters.

limits of the human eye is naturally dependent on the degree of central fixation.A person can read a road sign half a mile away, when he sees all the characters equally well.But when he learns to see one letter better than anyone else, he will be able to read smaller letters and inscriptions, the presence of which he did not know at that index.The remarkable vision of savages, the naked eye can see objects, glasses required for viewing that most civilized people, and even a telescope, because they unknowingly use central fixation.Some people can see with the naked eye, the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter.But this is not due to any superiority in the structure of their eyes, and that they able use their eyes, and that, in particular, reflected in the fact that they have reached higher than the majority of civilized people, the degree of centralfixation.

As seen very small letters without the help of the central locking is not possible, reading the fine print, if it can be carried out, is one of the best exercises for vision.This weaker lighting, in which can be read the fine print, and closer to the eyes it can be served up, the better for you.

The mere fact that the central fixation is impossible without mental control, meaning that the central fixation of the eye is both the central fixation of the psyche.In turn, this means a healthy condition of all organs of the body, because all the activity of the physical organism depends on the psyche.Not only vision, but also all other sensations - touch, hearing, taste, smell - benefit from the use of central fixation.It also helps to improve and all life processes:.. Digestion, assimilation, separation, etc. eroding symptoms of functional and organic diseases.The effectiveness of the psyche and mental quality of life increase dramatically.There are no limits of the influence of the central locking can not be set.

can not say that emerging cataract, iritis or glaucoma can be cured by central fixation, but the fact that these states disappear when it reaches the central fixation, is a fact.Relief, as indicated in the literature, was reached in a few minutes, and in some cases this relief becomes permanent.Of course, continuous improvement usually require longer treatment.

After other treatments have failed, the central fixation has proven useful for the treatment of all kinds of inflammatory conditions, including inflammation of the cornea, conjunctiva, iris, various layers of the eyeball and even the optic nerve.Central locking is also useful against infections and infections of influenza, typhoid, gonorrhea and syphilis.Even in the case of a foreign body entering the eye is not observed any redness or any suffering, yet remained central fixation.

In short, the benefits of central fixation is so great that the subject merits further research, although pompous orthodox, of course, this indignant.