Natural sorbents in a.May

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

Due to their structure, they absorb toxins / poisons, toxins and eliminate them from the body.Although they are taken through the mouth, and output from the gut / digestive tract, cleanse not only the digestive tract, but the whole body, as it is interconnected to the same most of the toxins in the intestine.

Activated charcoal - proven and secure the sorbent.You can take it to 8 pills a day for two tablets at a time drink a glass of warm or cold water.Do not take it before a meal or immediately after a meal, wait at least three hours.Although it is harmless, it is not necessary to take it for a long time, because it is not food, and the substance is not completely suitable for direct human consumption.Best confine 1-3 weeks, and gradually reducing the dose of the last few days by taking one tablet twice a day.Polyphepan - as a natural sorbent, made of Siberian pine.Contraindications and does not perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and impurities.Available in a variety of forms (soluble and not).A met

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Pectin - a natural compound belonging to the class of polysaccharides and water-soluble dietary fiber group.It is derived from natural fruits, especially apples and quince.Due to the properties of pectin to swell in the gastrointestinal tract to form a gelatinous mass which adsobiruet indigestible food residues, contributes to suppression pathogens, stimulating their own synthesis of vitamins.Accelerates peristalsis.By neutralizing and removing toxins from the body and toxins, thereby pectin helps to prevent cancer.Another important property of pectin - its ability to form complexes with the ions of heavy metals (lead, mercury, strontium).Falling into the digestive tract, pectin binds them to form insoluble complexes, which are not absorbed and excreted.It also binds and removes cholesterol from the body, thereby greatly reducing the risk of myocardial infarction and cerebral stroke.Pectin cleanses not only the intestine, but also the blood and the whole body.In addition to its cleansing action at a peptic ulcer of the body.Today you can buy pectic pectin in the form of drugs (from different varieties of apples and citrus) and Zosterin-Ultra (seaweed).Found in net sales and pectin, which is made in Germany by Horbstrayt End Fox.He made only from green apples.

pectin solution should be taken, as well as other sorbents, between meals.For this purpose 2.1 h. L.powder was dissolved in half a liter of hot water.Stir.Take 1 cup twice a day.

Physical exercise improves health, give your body a boost of energy needed to increase the body's resistance.Any exercise reduce congestion in the body including the nasal cavity.Therefore, inherent in a fit of allergies, your nose will be able to function normally again.It is also important that exercise still give cheerfulness and optimism.Complexes of physical exercises are individual and are selected in conjunction with a doctor or physical therapy with their physician.

Why cleansing has not produced the results that was expected of him on it for several reasons.

Perhaps you underestimated the seriousness of the problem and too limited surface cleaning, as a complete purification can not be called simple application of enemas or drinking mineral water.Perhaps insufficient time has passed from the time of treatment.

But if there is a positive trend and the method chosen by you, acting and helps to continue the procedure.One of the most frequent common errors - to take only one prescription of the whole scheme.The desired result is most often given by a combination of methods.Finally, it is possible that the method chosen is simply not right for you.It is also the cause of the lack of effect may be that you are taking method without self-healing, taking medication without prayer for healing, any method is not performed in accordance with the instructions.