What is a goiter

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

ratio of the different microbial populations that support the biochemical, immunological balance and normal metabolism in the human body, necessary for the maintenance and preservation of health, called norma flora.Under dysbiosis (dysbiosis) refers to the quality and (or) quantitative failure of this relation with the subsequent development of metabolic disorders and immunity and the possible occurrence of intestinal and gastric disorders.

This is primarily reflected in:

reducing bifidobacteria concentrations of 1-2 orders of magnitude;

reducing the concentration of lactic acid bacteria on the order of 1-2;

increasing concentration of coliform bacteria with altered properties;

reducing or increasing the concentration of normal E. coli;

increasing concentrations of other opportunistic microorganisms.

There are many factors, both external and internal, which violate the biological balance of normal flora.Their specificity is largely dependent on the age.

1. Newborns:

bacterial vaginosis and mas

titis in the mother;

resuscitation in relation to the newborn;

later attachment to the breast;

long stay in the nursing home and the possibility of settling the intestine aggressive strains of microorganisms surrounding environment;

physiological immaturity of the motor function of the intestine;

presence of small pyogenic infections;

intolerance to breast milk;

primary immunodeficiency.

2. Infant and early age:

unfavorable during the neonatal period (in history);

early artificial feeding;

dyspeptic disorders;

frequent acute respiratory viral infections;




changes in the mental status of the child;

allergic dermatitis.

3. preschool and school age:

being in closed collectives;

frequent acute respiratory viral infections;

allergic reactions.

4. Youth age:

frequent acute respiratory viral infections;

allergic reactions;


5. Average age:

occupational hazard.

6. Old age:

age-related changes in the microflora of the properties.

7. Regardless of age:


unbalanced diet (do not meet the body's needs diet, range of products and low quality);

intestinal infections;

treatment with antibacterial drugs;

prolonged hormone therapy, treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;

holding chemo- and radiotherapy in cancer patients;

immunodeficiency states.

Dysbacteriosis diagnosed based on clinical examination and microbiological analysis of stool.

main manifestations of intestinal dysbiosis: a violation of the general condition (intoxication, dehydration), weight loss, symptoms of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive disorders in its various departments.