Councils wishing to lose weight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

1. Limit to a minimum consumption of sugar, flour and fat meals.

2. The basis of food should be meat, fruit and vegetables.

3. Eat 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and dinner.

4. Do not rush while eating.Eat slowly and with an appetite - so it is easier to get rid of hunger.

5. The bulk of the food, eat breakfast and lunch.Dinner should be purely symbolic.

6. Do not forget about physical activity.If you work mostly sitting, at least part of the way to and from work go on foot.

7. If you practice all the previous councils, but have not achieved the desired weight loss, try switching to a vegetarian diet.

8. If you need to quickly get rid of excess weight, talk to your doctor about what kind of diet can be applied.

9. Make a routine of life and strain will to comply with it.

1. How can I eat less bread, potatoes, sweets.The bread must be stale, possibly coarse grinding.Apples can eat without any restrictions, especially helpful to eat an apple before going to bed.

If you want to lose some weight without compromising health, limit fat intake, products made of fresh pasta, carbohydrates (sweets, cocoa, cakes).And hunger is not to pester you, eat more vegetables, fruits, boiled or stewed meat, drink skim milk.

2. As much as possible movement: gymnastics, walking (daily!) At a rapid pace.

3. In no case did not go for a vacation, do not sit down to read a book or newspaper after dinner, better go for a walk, wash the dishes (the boring daily charge is much more pleasant to perform, knowing that you are pursuing a noble goal - to lose weight) or perform anothersimple physical work.

Dine at the latest 19 hours before going to bed go for a walk.By following these tips, you do not immediately see the result, but be patient, in a few months the balance will show that you lost weight several kilograms of the following.

Those of us who is the fullness should remember: First, eat regularly, always at the same time.During the breaks do not snack, avoid candy and cakes.In the second place, calmness and peace of mind again.Do not be nervous at the table, do not read the newspapers for food and books, do not talk on the phone.Good mood and tranquility should reign at the table.

Do not try to beat the speed records for a meal.If you eat slowly and chew food thoroughly, you will need to saturate much less food, not to mention the fact that you facilitate the work of his intestines.