Morning hygienic gymnastics

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

For obese individuals, morning hygienic gymnastics is a vital necessity.

Morning hygienic gymnastics is a set of exercises performed daily in the morning after sleep.This kind of gymnastics helps the body quickly activated after sleep, and find courage. hygienic gymnastics accessible and useful to all, regardless of gender, age and physical condition.Many of the exercises from the complex morning exercises are useful even for people who have deviations from the normal physical development.Getting lessons, every teenager, young person, any person older should remember that any exercise benefit only when they are made systematically, regardless of the weather and mood.In daily sessions in the morning (15-20 minutes) in dealing with growing stronger muscles, increase lung capacity indicators, improved sleep and appetite, change for the better all of the physical health indicators.Gradually, as you get used to loads, training time can be increased up to 30 minutes or more.

important part of the morning hy

gienic gymnastics are the water treatment and sponging.Private lessons are best carried out in the fresh air.For them is perfect and the green lawn, and a balcony, and courtyard.Anyone who begins to engage in morning gymnastics, may himself choose the appropriate exercises.The exercises can be adjusted to suit individual features and characteristics of the organism.Depending department that you seek (improved posture, flexibility, joint mobility, the development of strength and endurance), you can increase or decrease the number of exercises for different muscle groups.

With self-selection of exercises (especially for beginners) is necessary to provide diversity of their form and effects on different muscle groups.A set of exercises should include all muscles of the body, starting and ending otshey feet.Physical activity and the dynamics of its growth from occupation to occupation can not be the same for all.They

strictly individual, depending on age, sex, state of general fitness.Everyone should be able to learn or to complicate.on the contrary, to facilitate the exercise.It is achieved by changing the number doing exercises, and the change in the degree of complexity.Morning hygienic gymnastics can not be turned into a workout.At the slightest fatigue, perspiration occurrence it is necessary to relax and unwind.After the sit-ups, or other intense exercise to restore breath calmly walk, do some simple movements to relax the muscles.This will reduce the load on the heart and blood vessels.

The selection exercise for morning hygienic gymnastics should not be missed one very important point - the intensity of the exercise must constantly increase during the first 10 minutes and decline to the end of the occupation.