About stone oil

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Stone Oil Treatment

At the dawn of time the giants and the gods argued about who should belong to the earth.The battle took place won the gods, and then they turned into giant mountains.Since then cry petrified giants.Not many people manage to find their "tears" in the mountains, but the one who is becoming the most powerful and healthy man in the world ...

Similar legends are found among many peoples of the world.

What kind of substance is behind the poetic definition of "mountain tears"?In ancient Egypt, it was called "Illyrian tar";in Mongolia and Tibet - "brakshun", which means "rock juice";in Burma - "Chao-Tui" in translation - "Blood Mountain."In Siberia, the mysterious "tears of the mountains" is called stone oil.

«It should be a long walk to Calvary that mercy was the meaning of life", - said in ancient China, rock climbers, who collected oil stone.Despite the difficulty and danger of his

profession, they were honored to be content with little, to deliver the suffering of bodily suffering.At the imperial court

subsequently appeared entire trade structure, which bought at rock climbers-gatherer rock oil.It is deposited in the imperial treasury, since it was then evaluated: 1 g of pure gold higher test 1 g brakshuna.And such a price no one seemed to be too high, because the ancients knew: this is a unique material not only gets rid of various diseases, but also prolong life.

«" The Eternal, "the myth of the elixir of youth" - skeptical smile you Perhaps But no wonder the Chinese emperors were called "devil-mortals" According to numerous legends, the court sages constantly in search of the elixir of youth and found what stipulate....the same legend. In the course of the study of ancient archives was revealed (and the accuracy of this fact proven by modern science) that the basis of "mythical" recipe is just a stone oil. not by chance the members of the imperial dynasty, equating stone oil to noble metal, on pain of death forbidden to commonersits use as a medicine: the elixir of youth to benefit only a select

at all times around the stone oil boiling a lot of passion people have always dreamed of finding a tool that can not only save them from diseases, but to preserve youth and extend terrestrial age... And in many parts of the world, people believed that such a tool is the stone oil.

Before awesome stuff people bowed their heads and in the Middle Ages.Alchemists also considered the most expensive and unique medicine, which spoke with reverence the ancient sages, the main component of the "elixir of immortality".By the way, oil stone, according to Egyptologist Peter Elebrahta, was the root cause of the looting of the Egyptian pyramids.

in Russia belong to the XVIII century the first mention of stone oil: Peter I issued a decree that to replenish the state pharmacy from Siberia brought herbs and oil stone ...

I do not need to rely more seriously in 1777 onthat the "tears of the mountains" are able to give immortality.But is that the correct use of stone oil not only get rid of ailments, but also strengthen the entire body, and thereby help permanently preserve youth - there is no doubt.

What is stone oil, how it is produced, where it is possible to find this stuff, how it looks?There are many questions, in spite of the many legends and irrefutable evidence provided by the science.Myths - myths, but we are with you - modern people accustomed to trust more facts than myths and legends.So we try to understand this issue, calling upon all available sources of information.