Eye Breath

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

1. Standing, feet together, toes apart, arms along the body.

2. Take a full breath.Hold your breath for breath, not allowing a single particle of the air come out through your nose or mouth (Kumbhaka).Close your eyes.

3. Lean forward so that your head was below the level of the heart.The knees can be slightly bent.The body should be no voltage.Blood thus flows directly to the head and eyes.It will be blood, oxygenated.Oxygen at this time will flush out toxins that have accumulated in the eyes.The eyes remain closed.

4. Stay in this position for a count of 5. Gradually increase the retention of this position to score to 15.

5. Calmly and slowly straightened to its original position.

6. Just quietly and slowly take a full breath through the mouth.

7. Make a cleansing breath of yogis.

8. Repeat the exercise again.

Comment. Note that blood flow to the head, you may feel dizzy.The best protection against this - cleansing breath of yogis.The more you hold your breath for at least 10 seconds, the fast

er you can get rid of this dizziness.But people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases should be especially careful in practicing breath-hold.

At first, it is permissible to do so only without inclination.The amplitude of the tilt of the head should be increased gradually, never for a moment ceasing to control their condition.Any way out of breath on inspiration to do only through the OD J. (cleansing breath of yogis).

Oxygen burns literally poisons out of sight.blood circulation in the tissues of the eye increases.Take a cleansing breath eye at least 10 times during the day.

Yes to prevent fatigue, enough to get out the door and ventilate the room.

1. Starting position the same.

2. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for breath.

3. Bend at the waist and lean so close to the floor as soon as you can.When the head is at the bottom, close your eyes.

4. Closing your eyes, zazhmurte them as much as possible.Then open wide.

5. All the time that you hold your breath for breath at the expense of from 10 to 15, and open the eyes zazhmurivayte so.

6. Calm straighten, returning to the starting position.

7. Make full vigorously exhale through the mouth.

8. Breathe.

9. Repeat the exercise again.

Comment. done these exercises, you will be surprised how fast your eyes feel relieved.

Tired eyes should not overextend, forcing them to continue to work.If you feel tension in the appearance of the eyes, then let them rest: revive them by washing, and then fold up for a few minutes and to obscure his hands.

For washing is best to use no eye drops and tea brewing.Suitable for this purpose and just running water or water directly from the tap.The water poured into the cup, rapidly polluted, which may cause eye irritation or even introduce infection.

Washing perfectly toned eyes, relieves fatigue, improves their blood supply.It can be used for any of fatigue.Continue to work as soon as possible wash.

yogis there are several ways eyewash, we present here two of the most simple.

first. Fill handfuls of cold water and splash water in the wide-open eyes.Repeat several times.

second. Fill a container with cold water.Lower face in the water, eyes open.After a few attempts it will not cause any discomfort.Keep your face submerged until last breath holding.The eyes are always wide open.