Stone oil and mummy

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Stone Oil Treatment

in mountain caves and crevices of rocks lie precious treasures.Many seekers to conquer the peak and then descend into the depths of the caves to find them ... If you think that we are talking about gold and silver coins, you're wrong: I'm talking about tsenneyshem medicinal raw materials - stone oil and, of course, mummies.Ask what's the mummy?

fact that, speaking of the stone oil, can not leave aside the second material.Many people confuse them.This occurs apparently due to the fact that oil and stone, and mummies are complex mineral-organic compounds of natural origin, and to distinguish them really quite difficult.

And then, and another is mined in the mountains, has long been used for medicinal purposes, and as a mummy called "stone" or "rock" oil and oil stone - "white mummy."So some people believe that the stone oil - it has

mummy.To have you there was no such confusion, talk separately about the mummy and stone-oil.

The richest deposits of mummies found in the mountains of Central Asia and th

e Caucasus.There are many theories about the origin of this medicinal substance, but in each of them there are some flaws.That's what tells the biologist L. Rybchenko in the newspaper "Far East Scientist» (number 27 for the year 1991): "What is it that is - the mummy?This is - an organic mineral substance formed in places the faults of the crust.Its origin is directly related to the mantle of the Earth, and in the old mummies were often called "rock oil" ».

It seems to be clearly and concisely written, but it remains unclear the question: how to determine which rock formation is a mummy, and what - no. in addition, once again it is not clear how to distinguish oil stone from mummies

Dilute the two us unique tools to help knowledge of where they were mined and what is included in their composition

Many scientists claim that all kinds of mummies are of organic origin?.and material for its formation are soil microorganisms, protozoa, plants, minerals. This medicinal mummy found in the mountains, where a large number are found limestone deposits in caves, grottoes, - in short, places where not penetrate

atmospheric andmelt-water. it is believed that the mummy is formed at a height of 2000 m above sea level.

In search of the substance preferred the southern, south-western and south-eastern slopes of the mountain.Another condition for the formation of high quality mummy - vegetation on the slopes of juniper, mulberry local species.In the caves of the mummy found in the form of a sag on the rocks, icicles;sometimes mummy covers a set of caves, like the shiny black glaze.

When you get to the cave, where there is a mummy, just pay attention to the peculiar smell, which is difficult to confuse with something else.But the most convenient place for the extraction of the mummy is the accumulation of (forgive for naturalism!) Litter the local rodents, pikas.By itself, the litter - over-dried into a porous weightless mass - to the mummy has nothing to do, but at the time of its formation thick solution mummy, emerging from the rock, absorbed in the sponge in the litter beads and, finally losing moisture freezes forever.Such beads containing the mummies are easily recognized by appearance and weight;they can often be found on a cliff, a rocky ledge.

known that the basic condition for long-term storage mummy in nature - a dry mountain climate.For these places are characterized by a lack of oxygen, increased ultraviolet radiation, sharp fluctuations in daily temperatures.This contributes mummification polymerization and prolonged preservation of an organic substance.Age of the oldest mummy found determined by the radiocarbon method - 15 thousand years.

Apparently, so the price is fantastic mummy on the world market - about $ 9 per 1 g