Nutrition for cardiovascular diseases

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Some scientists and researchers have linked the occurrence of any disease with chronic malnutrition.In their view, any living organism must adhere to a specific power plan, and not consume write horrible.

At the beginning of this century, known pathophysiology VV Pashutin wrote about the dangers of mixed diets.He came to the conclusion that the combined power in the human gut intensified the process of fermentation, resulting in the formed butyric acid.This acid is a strong poison (in small doses, it stops the heart frog).But the swollen intestines and causes other inconveniences body.The accumulated gases it put pressure on the diaphragm, the one caving into the chest cavity, reduces the movement of the lungs, making it difficult to breath, and heart.

Currently, doctors and scientists are increasingly talking about the benefits of "live" food.This food include vegetables, fruits, cereals and cereal germs, as well as all that which is not subjected to thermal and chemical treatment.Of course, a sharp c

hange from the usual food to raw fruits and vegetables is very difficult and not necessary.It is necessary only in case of severe disease of the patient.Under normal conditions, just need to stick to any one power supply system.Let it be, or split, or vegetarian, or mixed (but with a bias towards vegetarianism).

and folk and official medicine have developed a set of rules that must be followed, making the diet:

1. Avoid dairy products, sugar, white bread, pastries, carbonated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, salt, canned food, spices, vinegar, grilled meat, coffee and ice cream.If you are not able to opt out of these products, or at least drastically reduce their consumption.

2. Reduce the usual portions and consume only write well compatible products.Strive to ensure that 80% of your food was "live" and only 20% - fried or boiled.Gradually reduce the 20% to a minimum and, in the end, completely, go to the "live" food.

3. Instead of the usual bread eat bread made from sprouted wheat grains, instead of milk, coffee, sugar and fruit juice drink.Sugar and sweets you replace the dried fruit, and milk and dairy products - milk and fruit soups from sprouted grains of wheat.

4. Slowly and gradually give up eating meat.First, simply reduce the amount of meat in your diet, then enter "vegetarian" and "fish" days last 2-3 months, totally abstain from meat.

5. From time to time (1-2 times a week) start a "fasting days", when at your desk will be only one product, apples, pumpkins, oranges, rice or something else.

6. If you have held on to a solid diet for some time, and then "sinned", do not get discouraged and go back to the way of nutrition for health and longevity.

themselves form at the right taste.This is done gradually, then it becomes a habit, and finally law.

In medicine, there is a wonderful saying: "The man is digging its own grave teeth."Its meaning lies in the fact that malnutrition majority of the population leads to the development of most human diseases and premature aging.

in the body are important all systems and organs, but only if well-coordinated system of operation can talk about health.Every cell in our body is closely connected by invisible threads with millions of other cells in the body, and therefore, how it works, depends on the overall health.But each cell remains alive for as long as there occur processes of assimilation (assimilation, nutrition) and dissimilation (removal of donkeys).Similarly, the normal functioning of each cell depends on good nutrition and timely cleansing.If power is disrupted cells, violated its functions.If the power to the group of cells, then disrupted the activities of the body or system.

In repose to man for normal life requires 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day.When the physical or mental work, the number of calories should be increased up to 3-4 thousand.Man gets these calories (or energy) when burned in his body proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

are most energy-fats, which when burned provide as much energy as proteins and carbohydrates together.

With the opening of the children who died from various diseases, it was found that all children, without exception, in the vessels were already sclerotic changes.What does this mean?First of all, the poor nutrition in early childhood.Loving parents, grandparents, relatives and friends are trying to stuff a child with a child, the cake, the cream, the Snickers.And children grow quickly, quickly get fat and excessive weight gain, which leads to excess body fat and disturbances in the cardiovascular system.With age, increasing body fat in the tissues and muscles, increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood - come the phenomena of early atherosclerosis.It is not surprising that atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels is often detected as early as 20 years of age.

Many fat people say that the fullness of their "hereditary".But it does not happen.Hereditary is not fullness, and gluttony.If the family used to eat 5-6 times a day without any system and order, if the father, mother and grandmother are constantly preparing fatty food, then the children will follow in their footsteps.Parents were full of people, so are their children.Here you have a family history!

Our ancestors knew how to limit yourself to food, move more and worked.Therefore, early atherosclerosis of the ancient physicians there have heard something unlikely.

Their benefits mentioned in the Bible.Previously, our grandparents very accurately follow the biblical commandments and fasted almost weekly.And Lent - a great cleansing of all winter eating, how much benefit it has brought to people!Nowadays, people have forgotten about the positions and gained access to overeating.This is one of the important causes of early occurrence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

major shortcoming of modern power is its monotony.The mainly powered city dweller?This meat is boiled and fried, canned food, bread, sweet pastries, sugar, animal fats, potatoes.Fruits and vegetables are at it on one of the last places.But this is just wrong!

How does modern man advises eating the official medicine?

AA Pokrovsky and a group of co-authors recommend limiting calorie intake from carbohydrates, which are well and quickly absorbed, and animal fats, rich in cholesterol.They recommend limiting sodium chloride in the diet, butter, margarine, rule s of foods rich in cholesterol (sausage, bacon, canned meats and so on. D.).animal oils recommended to replace vegetable oils.a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, fruit must be contained in the diet of each individual.Nutrition should be a fraction (5-6 times a day and little by little).Once a week is obligatory fasting day.

When hypertension, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease are not recommended and even prohibited the following products: strong meat broths, fats (beef, pork, lamb), the internal organs of animals, eggs, brains, bacon.

should be excluded from the sweet dishes: a variety of creams, cakes, pastry.

salty, spicy and sour dishes, smoked herring generally contraindicated sick people healthy and are not recommended.

Cocoa, coffee, chocolate, sugar, alcoholic drinks, beer, ice cream - all of these foods also did not bring you nothing but trouble.These troubles and problems with health will emerge immediately, but with age.As recommended by the modern official medicine to supply patients with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and vascular disease?

Referring again to the recommendations of AA Pokrovsky and his group.

Bread and flour products.Bread baking yesterday, with a minimal amount of salt (or without salt) from rye flour or wheat meal, bran cereal, crackers, cookies (not from a dough of flour).

Meat and poultry.You can eat only lean meats.Do not fry, but only boil or bake in the oven, with the exception of the internal organs and the brain of animals.

Soups.Fruit, cereal, vegetarian, dairy.

Fish.In the food use only lean boiled or baked form.

Egg.Limit to 2-3 per week.It is better to take in writing in the form of steam omelettes.

Milk and dairy products.Use both in kind and in the form of milk cereals, yogurt and yogurt.Cottage cheese is only in fresh form.

fats.For cooking and salads only use vegetable oils.

Snacks.Mild and unsalted cheese, low-fat sausage (such as "doctor's"), salads, lean ham.

drinks.Any fruit and vegetable juices, kvass, broth hips, hawthorn, mint.Restrict carbonated nashggki.

Seafood.All kinds of brown seaweed, scallops, shrimp, calamari, mussels, seaweed dishes.

patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis, recommended foods with a high content of potassium in chronic heart failure: apricots, currants, dried grapes, dried apricots, prunes, bananas, apricots, parsley, celery, fennel (especially dill seed).In this case it is necessary to drastically reduce salt intake in the niche, salted and smoked foods, limit the amount of fluid intake.

«99% of all patients - Bragg wrote, - suffer from malnutrition."People do not realize how much they pollute themselves slags, eating inappropriate food and drink, and how much of it toxic substances accumulate in the body.Fasting is not a method of treatment of any disease or ailment.It puts the body in such conditions, when all his vital force is used for cleansing and healing.Fasting helps the body help itself.

This is one of the oldest and most proven methods of treatment of many diseases.Even in ancient times people knew that fasting is not only a remedy of any one disease, and purification method, as it causes the body to help itself.

The history of medicine is replete with cases of miraculous healing by means of starvation.Thus, there are cases of leprosy cure for 21 days, psoriasis - 2 weeks, eczema - for 18 days.Severe heart disease is often cured by hunger for 1 month, stomach ulcer - in 24 days.

The same scientists explain such a strong therapeutic effect of starvation on the body?

The answer is simple.The fact that the body can be compared with the oxidation powerful machine.During the day it burns fuel, which, when translated in the fat equivalent gives 360 g of fat.If the fuel supply stop, the body begins to seek new sources of supply, as the oxidation process it should go continuously.But where to look for new sources of supply?The choice of the body a little, and he begins to look for them within yourself.First, in the "oxidation furnace" going the particle, the least desired body: the scabs, the particle chapped skin, scar connective tissue, etc. Then, in the "furnace" fall tumor proliferation, altered painful tissue, excess fat, available in almost all the excess bodies..cholesterol, atherosclerotic plaques and any excess salt.So, instead of daily use 360 ​​g of pure fat, the body uses all that he does not need, thereby samoochischayas and recovering.With long-term forced starvation the body uses all internal reserves, and only in the last turn begins to take on the oxidation of healthy tissue (muscle, connective, and others.).

Hunger not only treated people.What makes an animal in the first place, when it is sick?It stops eating and starts to treat hunger.Animal 3-5 days can only drink water and chew any medical marijuana.Man, however, does not.The man begins to eat.Even if he does not want (the body knows what to do), it is beginning to persuade fat broth to drink, eat a piece of chicken or smoked sausages.This often makes even the paramedics!

Hunger was one of the oldest methods of healing practices, and its application is as old as humanity itself.

history indicates that fasting has long been recommended and is an integral part of the rites of the three great religions: Christian, Buddhist and Mohammedan.The Bible tells us that Christ fasted for 40 days, while the Mohammedans annual fast of Ramadan lasts for a whole month.Prophets Moses and Elijah fasted for 40 days.Iosafet legalized starvation as a means of improvement in all Judea.More than 2 thousand years ago, treatment was prescribed hunger Askrepidom philosopher of nature.Plutarch once said: "Instead of medicine is better to starve a day or two."In many ancient writings, Hindu and Chinese, is often recommended the same.Among the ancient peoples can find a lot of praise treat hunger as one of the most precious gifts of life.

In our times we fed almost forgotten what true hunger, what is the real need of the organism in the diet.Now people are often mistaken for hunger gastritny chronic neurosis, develop the habit of there several times a day, even if there is sometimes not desirable.But change habits related to nutrition, it is not difficult: it is enough to want seriously.Already, more and more people live in the mode of power, limited in terms of the majority, and, in fact, perfectly normal in temperature regimes, providing a good tempered, in motor mode, the appropriate standards of reliable health.And back health.Hunger is one of the important factors to cleanse the body.Many ills - from perennial digestion of waste accumulation in the large intestine.An ignorant man in the street feels "a giant pipe", one end of which enters the food from another - leave the dregs.Throw in the "pipe" that you want - everything will burn!You think about everything.Yes, burn a burn, but if to throw it at random, there will be burned and 25-30 years of your life.

Some Russian surgeons removed from the corpse of the large intestine, zaspirtovyvali it and showed the edification of students: this is what a person is inside.He died of cancer usually is a 25-30 kg of waste, as "shlakootval" feel good man, apparently healthy, is 8-10 kg.But while the human intestines clogged different kamnevidnymi deposits permanently poisoned his blood extracts from fecal debris, on which health can be said?

Why accumulate so much waste in the gut?According to Dr. Walker, mainly from the consumption of starchy substances, boiled, baked and fried food.starch molecule is not soluble in either water or in alcohol or in ether.These insoluble particles are falling in our circulatory system, how would clog the blood sort of "grains".Blood circulates tends to get rid of this "cereals", and in the end it ends up in various organs and tissues.Boiled, baked and fried foods did not give the power cells and the walls of the colon and its hunger Morita.Plant foods, on the contrary, gives the power intestines and makes everything fall on her way to the anus.Over 40 years of life a person eats about 40 thousand lunches, breakfasts and dinners.If it is powered primarily starch and cooked food, it passes through the colon, leaving layers of waste.In any large intestine peristalsis because such food is severely impaired.On this basis, there are constipation and many other diseases.

It is believed that 50% of the resulting organism is spent on bioenergy sight, the remaining 50% - for other vital processes.But if the human body is "cluttered" slags, then 40% of the 50 spent on food digestion and neutralization of toxins, that is to support the internal ecological balance.On motion, the brain, physical work and the fight against stress and physical ailments is still only 10% of the energy ...

Where is the best draw for improvement of health?The answer is obvious - it is necessary to reduce the cost of digestion and, if possible, eliminate the food and drug intoxication.All purified system will operate without interruption, in full force.Then a huge amount of energy available for the body's vital functions.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of cleansing the body of toxins.This was said by the ancients."Six days you shall nourish, starve one" - they said.The offices referred to in the Bible, it is not only a tribute to the divine, but also the way to a healthier body.