eye Massage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

1. Sit at the table and set it on his elbows.

2. Connect the little fingers of the hand and percussion.Lower the head so that his hands fell on his eyes closed bottom portion, and rested his forehead to the top of the palms and fingers.

3. Relax your neck muscles.Fulcrum becomes forehead and the lower part of the palms touching your eyes only.

4. It is easy to massage the lower part of the eye palms.Alternate stroke, rotation, pressure and vibration for 1-2 minutes.A sign that you do massage correctly, will be the appearance in front of a warming sensation.

5. Relax your eyes.

6. Touch him with his index fingers and feeling in his fingers warm, you will feel like on a deep exhale is warm and prana finger transferred to the eye.

Another valuable reception:

Take two large towels from terry cloth.One of them was soaked with water so hot, which can only survive;other - fraught with water from the ice cubes (only cold water is not enough, it is better to use ice water).Fold plait hot towel and apply i

t to your eyes for 2 minutes.Then attach the napkin with ice water for 2 minutes.Repeat three times, then gently, without exerting any pressure on the eyes, wipe them.

Most people, when they are told that the rest or relaxation eliminate the disadvantages of them, wondering why this does not sleep.The fact that the eyes are rarely fully relax during sleep.If they are in tension when a person is awake, the voltage is likely to continue to a greater or lesser extent during sleep, just remain strained other body parts.To prevent this from happening, and that dream could cope with the task, take it a rule to do after bedtime immersion (oladonivanie).As soon as the lights went out to make a dive for a few minutes.This will not only give a guarantee that your eyes will rest, but also help you fall asleep faster and give the body the appropriate mood for the night.

When bedtime, smile, smile not only lips, but also the eyes.In the morning your face will look younger and more beautiful.Stop work and early to go out in this way to sleep - this is the best remedy for tired eyes.You'd be surprised how often this simple means exempt from fatigue and headaches.

Another welcome. We all have seen bears in the zoo, elephants, lions and monkeys, rhythmically swaying back and forth in cages.This is not a game or an oddity.For the prisoner is one of the most effective methods of maintaining relaxation.You can try to do the same.