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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Stone Oil Treatment

Before you tell more detail about how and when to use the stone oil with specific diseases will focus on another important topic.Let's talk about the features of the use of stone in the official oil and alternative medicine.

traditional medicine is often called "non-traditional".She contrasted the official, scientific medicine.Doctors often speak of the "healers" are skeptical, and the last accused doctors in conservatism and superficiality.

Let's try to figure out, is it really so deep chasm between the two "medicine" at this time.

and folk and traditional medicine, in fact, have much in common.The goal is the same: the return of a healthy person.On the side of the popular methods of treatment - the very nature of her wealth and a thousand-year practice of their use.

On the side of the traditional methods - science, experimental design, modern appliances.

What is the difference, advantages and disadvantages of these two branches of a single teaching about health?Someone would argue with the fact th

at the official medicine has achieved a great deal.The effectiveness of its methods is extremely high, but we all know that they are often aggressive.What I mean?The fact that traditional medicine using his full arsenal in the fight against a particular disease does not always pay attention to the fact, with what consequences people could face after application of chemotherapy, how it will affect his future health.Often, after a course of treatment, the patient has been freed from a disease, receiving in return a whole bunch of new ones.This can not happen if you are treated by natural means.In herbal medicines are practically no contraindications, and they do not just heal from any one disease but have a general strengthening effect on the entire body.

Recently, conventional medicine often refers to "non-traditional" methods, such as herbal medicine, chiropractic, and so on. We have already said that the healing properties of the stone oil are interested in at the time the Kazakh scientists.They conducted a series of studies in which watched the stone oil affects the body in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.Usually hospitals pulmonary tuberculosis treated with chemotherapy.Such treatment is time-consuming.And I must say, how hard it is tolerated?

In search of new approaches, doctors have turned to the use of combination therapy: in addition to conventional drugs, patients were offered stone oil and some essential oils.The effect has exceeded all expectations: studies have shown that stone oil significantly strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.In patients treated with stone oil, bacteria growth was stopped by 1.5-2 times faster than those treated only with traditional methods.

experiments on the treatment of various types of stone oil wounds were placed on guinea pigs and rats.Experiments have shown that wounds treated with stone oil, heal within 2 days.Furthermore, an experiment was conducted for the treatment of inflammatory diseases in animals gums.It turned out that the stone oil solution with glycerin - means much more effective than drugs used in dentistry (eg maraslavin).

For decades Modification version of the stone oil (brakshuna) "Geomalin" very effectively used in the prevention and treatment of cancer.The drug is approved for use on the territory of Rus

these since 1971, and is recommended for use as a food additive.I will say a few words about this medicine.

effectiveness of the drug is very high: an analysis of 237 clinical cases showed that it exceeds 85%.

Scope of medical use of the drug following:

• liver disease (including viral hepatitis and intoxication);

• gastrointestinal disease (colitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease);

• burns and wounds therapy;

• trophic ulcers;

• oncology;

• Endocrinology (in particular, pancreatic disease);

• Gerontology (extension physiological activity in general, and in particular the sexual activity).

to conduct pre-clinical trials of the drug in the amount of food and drug administration program of the Russian Federation, it was found that the drug:

• non-toxic;

• non-mutagenic;

• not teratogenic;

• has a pronounced hepatoprotective, wound healing, antibacterial, antitumor and antimetastatic activity.

There is no doubt that this drug is truly unique.But it has a number of contraindications.

So, "Geomalin" can not be used with obstructive jaundice: it has a pronounced choleretic activity.

may cause a number of adverse reactions from the gastrointestinal tract.In particular, the maximum concentration (0.3%) "Geomalin" promotes the formation of constipation.In this case, you must take appropriate measures (diet, laxatives, enemas), to provide a daily stool.

«Geomalin" has established itself as a powerful drug with a broad spectrum of therapeutic action.And although he has a number of contraindications, the practice shows that the skillful and competent application of the tool side effects can be easily avoided.

Stone oil - a real storehouse of minerals.Despite the unique properties, treated them (as well as any other medicinal plant) is not so simple: you need a lot of patience, labor, faith ... Brakshun, as they call this stuff in Central Asia - is not an antibiotic action which becomes noticeableimmediately after taking a single tablet.But I assure you, if you have patience and faith in the success of the treatment, the stone oil not only save you from the disease, but also will have lasting beneficial effects on the entire body.

What is required in order to cure stone oil yielded the desired results?

First of all, know and follow three simple rules.On these basic rules I write in every book.But, unfortunately, I am still confronted with the fact that, due to inattention to them the treatment is not useful, and sometimes is harmful.As a result, the patient gives up on natural means, and sometimes even lost hope of recovery.What!It could be worse than this?

So, the first rule: you must make the correct diagnosis.You need to know exactly how going to fight disease.And believe me, the need for accurate diagnosis of a specialist knowledge.Most likely, you will need to pass some tests.

This rule seems so simple and clear!Nevertheless, many people, if they have a concern, do not go to the doctor, but prefer to consult with friends, and most sadly, follow the advice of ignorant people.In no case do not do it!Experience of friends and relatives in curing ailments, without a doubt, important, but only when the cause of the disease is well established, and for this you should consult with a specialist, and preferably not one.Unless it turns out the true cause of ailments, refer to any drug is quite dangerous.Why fight the disease, which you never had?This, as you might imagine, can cause irreparable damage to health.

From the first implies the second rule: if you decide to treat the stone with oil, be sure to first consult with a specialist.Brakshun - a potent tool, and it must be carefully applied.Specialist will help you choose the right treatment plan and provide additional guidance.

Let's say you stopped at a particular treatment regimen stone oil.Then follow the Rule Three: Be precise and disciplined!Do not break the established norm of the drug, just follow the dosage.

The same applies to recipes in this book.The principle of "more is better" does not apply in the treatment of natural resources, in the above privacy stone oil.Remember that sometimes the 0.1% solution is more effective than 10%.

Try to consume oil stone wisely, so that it has brought the most benefit.

Following these simple rules will help you achieve the desired goal faster.

Preparation stone oil to use - an important part of treatment.Let's talk about that in which Nida should apply this substance.

sale occurs refined and crude oil stone.Usually refined stone oil has a yellowish tint (color from white and yellow to green) and is sold in the form of amorphous pieces, small stones or powder.

operation to clean the stone oil can not be called easy, especially at home, so it is best to buy already purified product.

And for those who had a chance to buy a crude oil stone (or collect it yourself in the mountains) The technique of purification.

Stone oil readily soluble in water and moderately or poorly - in other liquids.Here at this a property - a good solubility in water - based method of purification and stone oil.

The collected raw materials poured into an enamel bowl and pour warm (temperatures up to 60 ° C) water.He was then infused for 10-20 hours, stirring occasionally.Further, the first portion of the solution is poured through the sieve into a glass or enameled container, and the thick residue was added water again, which is poured in the same way through 10 hours.

first and second solutions differ only in the concentration of hard butter and lime dust content: it more in the second solution.You can pour a thick and a third time, but do not stretch the process of dissolution in time, "waste" fermented quickly, spreading bad smell.

next stage cleaning - separation of the solution from insoluble impurities.For this purpose filtration.The easiest, but a very long way - to upholding.Fine dust in no hurry to settle to the bottom, so the cleaning solution by settling stretched on for months.When the solution cleared from the sand, small pieces of rock and the like. D., It was evaporated.

Water is evaporated from the solution as follows.Take two of the pelvis, one smaller than the other.In a large bowl, pour the water into a smaller - stone oil solution.This design is placed on a slow fire, and placed next to the fan.It is important that the stream of air was directed onto the surface of the solution.Heated solution should always stir and check the temperature - stone oil loses its quality when heated to a temperature above 60 ° C.Monitoring exercise is simple - to dip his finger into the liquid: the skin - a good indicator.

most tedious stage of dehydration stone oil begins with the moment when it acquires the consistency of sour cream.At Irem extract increases the risk of overheating, stir the contents have to constantly and intensively enough, because on the surface of a layer of a thick extract, which prevents the evaporation of moisture.

When the solution will resemble a thick syrup, the heating is stopped and the oil stone stuck together on a durable polyethylene, packed in a cup-like shape.Now your task - to protect the stone from oil moisture to final drying continued.

Stone oil can be stored indefinitely.It is best to store it in a container wrapped in foil.

Recipes application of hard oil, there is not so much.The pure material is rarely used, mainly - in the form of solutions of different concentrations.Sometimes in such solution infusions or decoctions added herbs.

Before applying stone oil as a medicine, it is necessary to properly prepare.

Typically, the purified brakshun pour boiled water at room temperature.After 2-3 days, the liquid is drained.The pellet can be used for compresses and lotions.The solution is made from the calculation means 3 g of 3 liters of water, taking into account the state of health of the patient.

Before treatment is necessary to know the reaction of the organism to the stone oil (for any diseases), for which early treatment is better to use it in small doses (1 cup during the day) and low concentration (1 g per 3 liters of water) for several days afterfood.Then drink before eating, constantly increasing the dose and the concentration of the solution.Procedures such as packs, plugging, micro enema and douche, accelerate treatment, and saves the cost of the stone oil.

People with cancer in this case constitute a special group of patients.They can immediately assign the drug in higher concentrations, but not higher than 3 g per 500 ml of water.

Stone oil is used inside and externally in combination with other drugs.It effectively treats diseases such as diabetes, asthma, neuralgia, breast, inflammation of the appendages, infertility, colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.Brakshun also used for headaches, osteochondrosis, joint diseases and thrombophlebitis.Very effective in the treatment of stone masks of pulmonary tuberculosis.

There is evidence that taking rock oil increases the potency.After all, it contains zinc, which often becomes the cause of the lack of loss of "male power".

Aqueous solutions with the addition of glycerol are used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums when bleeding.In addition, the stone oil has a positive effect on the entire body, and therefore, improves the function of all of its functions.

This is not a complete list of diseases that serve as an indication for the use of stone oil.We will gradually expand and complement it in the pages of this book.When

than periodic table here?The fact that in the late 80-ies of the spectral analysis of the stone oil was held at the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR.The study showed that in a stone oil contains 49 trace elements, ie almost half of the periodic table.Unbelievable but true.

Through research scientists from Almaty, for the first time discovered the healing power of science stone oil, we know that its phenomenal properties of the substance is required to contain trace elements in it, the properties of which are mutually reinforcing.

unique as their structure and high concentration.This is due to their effect on the effective work of the human body, some of its organs and systems, down to the cellular level.These substances are able to deal with all sorts of infections, stimulate metabolic processes, strengthen the circulatory system and immune system, help to eliminate toxins from the body, have a soothing, healing and even anti-tumor effect.

Due to the high potassium content of stone oil is able to normalize the activity of the heart and regulate the water balance of cells.If the body lacks potassium increases the dryness of the skin, acne appear.There are frequent colds, deteriorating mental activity, there are nervousness, insomnia, depression.The lack of this trace element can have an effect on the gastrointestinal tract: constipation, diarrhea, and an unquenchable thirst, nausea and vomiting - all symptoms of a lack of potassium in the body.Muscle fatigue, weakness, recurrent headaches, pain in the heart can also be caused by lack of this trace element.

Sodium is contained in a stone oil, maintains acid-base balance in the body and a normal blood pressure and protects against moisture loss.

Stone oil contains calcium, necessary for the formation of bones and teeth.It is high in this chemical element is due to the fact that much quicker to heal bone fractures while taking stone oil.Calcium is also necessary for the prevention of diseases of the joints.The disadvantage of this substance can cause skin diseases such as eczema.Calcium ions are involved in metabolism, they support the blood clotting normally.

The stone has oil and phosphorus are necessary for cell recovery and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Silicon is also part of the "tears of the mountains."This element stone oil is an excellent cosmetic product: Silicon is essential for the normal functioning of the surface layer of the skin and mucous membranes.Moreover, this gives elasticity microcell blood vessels and prevent heart disease.