Relaxation with rocking

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

Comment. This is the most useful of the existing relaxation movements.It will relax your brain, eyes, neck and spine.This exercise stimulates the blood circulation in the neck, eyes, increases the sensitivity of all the parts of the retina.

most modern threat to eye health has come to human habitation with the TV.Black-and-white TV set is recommended to watch from a distance of not less than two and a half meters, and the color - not less than five meters.Otherwise, too much light to the eyes.Especially pernicious is for children.

Remember, suffers not only vision, but also the mind!While watching TV, try to give yourself the same ventilation, which can be obtained during a visit to a good cinema.Under good cinema we mean one in which first of all properly functioning ventilation.

harmful effects on vision have tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption.In his youth, nicotine and alcohol can cause severe damage to the optic nerve.Under the influence of irritating gases in tobacco smoke, smokers eyes sta

rt watering, eyelid blush.

When dust gets it irritates their eyes.Together with the dust in the eyes can be recorded

and pathogenic microbes.Infection sometimes gets in the eyes, not only with dirty hands, but with unclean towels, handkerchiefs.This can cause various eye diseases that often lead to poor vision and sometimes blindness.That's why you need to protect eyes from dust, do not rub their hands, only to wipe completely clean towel or handkerchief.

Most myopic found, as a rule, among the people, many engaged in mental work, and much less - among manual workers and athletes.Eyes with poor eyesight will be helpful if their owner to take part in some of the entertainment or sports games, regardless of whether it is a party game or just an observer.

When the eyes are watering, they should be washed alum lotion and do solarization.When conjunctivitis is necessary to wash the eyes with saline, do solarization and before bedtime lubricate vaseline eyelashes.Barley in no case should not squeeze out, you just have to make a hot poultice with castor oil.

sometimes asked if the narrowed eyes, the better to be seen - whether it is good?No, it's not good, because the squint is putting pressure on the eyeballs, and the pressure - this is the state of stress, leading in turn to some other stress your eyes.

It will be appreciated that the functioning of the eye depends on the status of the whole body, in the first place - the condition of the nervous system and metabolism.Therefore, along with exercises for the eyes need to maintain the overall health of the body, performing asanas, pranayama, bandhas and cleaning procedures.Since

eye depend on the intensity of circulation, they reflect the physical state of the whole body, and even to a greater extent than the hair or skin.All they affect: improper diet, lack of sleep, loss of vitality, frustration, resentment, depression, despondency, etc.

no accident that the iris of the eye is possible to diagnose the disease...As the skin under the eyes of determining the status of certain organs and body systems.For example, the circles under the eyes, that is a dark shade of skin under the lower eyelid, indicate a lack of blood circulation or changing its composition.

Similarly, the bags under the eyes, that is swelling or swelling of the eyelids, is a symptom of impending heart disease or kidney disease.Therefore, our attitude to the eyes should be careful and delicate.We must fully support eye health by caring for them, dieting, exercise, contributing to an adequate supply of arterial blood.arterial blood delivery to the eye is improved by using the inverted asanas and other postures increase blood circulation in the head and face.

With weak capillaries of the eyes, which are a sign of the red, bloodshot eyes, you should be careful, doing the exercises, which increase blood flow to the eyes.Check the eye after each pose with the body and turning over, if there was the slightest redness of the eyes, immediately at the time of stop performing these exercises.

disadvantage in the body of nutrients always cause visual disturbances.If you want to improve your vision, you have to eat right.It is useless to do exercises for the eyes and at the same time not give them proper nutrition.

Without power, without a rich building material and life-giving elements of the blood muscles of your eyes will not develop properly, or keep in shape.Therefore, the diet should include fruits and vegetables, especially apples, grapes, pineapple, carrots, celery, cabbage Headed and color, parsley,

radishes, currants, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, cereals, apple cider vinegar, honey, eggs (yolks), all kinds of fish, yeast.

Remember: tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, refined sugar and other dead and toxic products, which are not food, steal the power of your eyes!

Often people say, "I would like to improve their sight, and I know that it is able to do it.That's just not enough time. "However, this is perhaps more necessary desire, determination and focus, rather than time.All we drive on different types of transport: car, train, subway or bus.Time of the trip can be converted to training time.When you are driving, do not tilt head forward, peering through the windshield.Instead, keep your head during your trip (and your attention, too) in a slow gentle movements, exploring the landscape on one side of the motorway, then on the other, from left to right and back again.If you wear glasses is that, every time when traveling as a passenger, remove them and see with his eyes.

When you walk down the street, no matter how well you see or bad, keep your eyes wide open, but do not stare at objects, and turn instead to the head, noting to myself, what is happening on the same side of the pavement, on the other.Do not forget to blink and breathe deeply.Many people with low vision or cover the eyes, or staring off into space.Both these habits are not conducive to the acquisition of a good view.

Neither the owner of good vision is not trying to see anything on the side of himself, straining his eyes and holding his head and neck still.Instead of turning my eyes and strain to see anything away from him, a man with good eyesight turns his nose toward the object that represents for him at the moment of interest.It prevents stress and tension of the eye muscles.Eyes thus move, but use their own free vibrations which are for their relaxation.

Do not make an effort to see any object, just do not bother eyes free to do what they want.If you close your eyes and cover up their hands for a moment, to rest the optic nerve, then you might be surprised at how the rest of the nerves and promotes relaxation of muscles.You can improve your eyesight, if strong enough that you want.Well, if your will power is not enough, you have to be content with what you have, on the condition that you will consciously avoid those factors that we have identified here as a truly devastating.

According to Ms. Corbett, correct visual habits are as follows:

1) and move the blinking eyes continuously and automatically;

2) to breathe easily and continuously;

3) look on near and distant objects, coordinate the activity of the mind and eyes;

4) to initiate an interest - at the time of viewing an object traveling through it a look;

5) to perceive what they saw without effort;

6) often close their eyes to give them a rest.