How to grow wheat grass ?

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Growing green wheat grass does not require any costly or too difficult.The beds for the germs can be broken down in the yard, on the balcony in the room.Tray with 3-cm layer of soil can be placed at the radiators, on the veranda or in a corridor.For the "beds" you can use the cardboard boxes (cut off the edges of the height) or conventional plastic trays.

first step - preparing the soil.Taken ordinary ground and mixed with peat in a ratio of 1: 1.Watering the soil should be common, but not so abundant that there was no mud and marsh.

second step-soaking seeds.The seeds are soaked for 10-12 hours, then drain the water and leave them in a cool place for germination.A tray or a box of planted seeds covered with thick paper or some other tray to prevent future seedlings from the sun, bright light and dry.The first watering - 4 days.Thereafter, the tray moves closer to the light, and the seeds are watered daily.After the shoots grow to 35 cm, they can be cut off at the root, and use for cooking

chlorophyll and juice.Cut, be sure to clean it and any unused herbs should be refrigerated.

should be remembered that small seeds should be soaked 5:00, average - 8 hours, and large -12 hours.

For juice of green wheat sprouts are ground in a meat grinder or miss through a special juicer (where there is a device for processing green).For juice, do not use a mixer (for fast processing of grass chlorophyll is oxidized and loses some of its medicinal properties).

If the life of a healthy person proper nutrition plays an important role in the patient's life, this role becomes crucial.After the power - it is the possibility of permanent renewal of body cells, material for energy production and all kinds of activities.And if the disease is the result of gross dietary errors, you inevitably have to admit that the kitchen becomes more important for the patient pharmacy (noticed by the ancient physicians).Doctors-naturopaths, recognizing only natural cures, sometimes limited to only those that put the patient on a rigid diet and only achieve these amazing results."Dietary method" can successfully treat diseases such as diabetes, obesity, various diseases of the intestine, stomach, kidney and urinary tract.

But it getting hurt when the other doctors who are accustomed to "meat cult," prescribed to patients concentrated broths, abundant food, and even wine.

But long been known that proteins are not supported by the human body, but primarily carbohydrates.Carbohydrates are broken down quickly in the body, giving him the necessary energy th.Their processing takes less time and energy costs, which is particularly important ddya patient (in meat processing and cooking out the protein to 70% of the energy of the amount that is obtained after complete digestion).Therefore pure broth containing no carbohydrate, less nutritious for the patient than an ordinary potato soup.In addition, any meat contains a number of excitatory substances that pushing the already weakened body.For excitation process should always be a process of inhibition, and this constant alternation of exhausting the patient.This continues for as long as there will be no victory or disease, or the patient's body, despite the efforts of doctors.

Of course, not all cases of medical herbalists diet prohibits or restricts meat writing, with certain diseases (eg, tuberculosis), meat dishes are needed and useful.But in any case a simple, natural food is always much more useful food processed or combined.

One of the most important rules to be followed by every doctor, is this: never force a patient is, if he has no appetite.Please note: any animal as soon as it gets sick in the first place refuses to eat.Nature is wise and it tells us how to behave in a particular case.It is only necessary to be able to catch the hint.

We often different.Relatives and friends (often even the doctors) are trying to feed the patient

in that no matter what, give him a "nutritious" indigestible food to which the patient hours) can not even look.We must often explain to people that the patient body spends all his energy to fight the disease, and any food on their processing requires a large expenditure of energy.And do not weaken the body "chicken" or "meat broth".The body is wise, like nature itself, and during his illness he always chooses what he needs to recover.He usually chooses hunger.Therefore, patients usually have no appetite.Therefore, the patient asks' sour juice "or" oranges ".

known that basically splits starch saliva enzymes.In febrile patients saliva decreases sharply.Accordingly decreases and the number of enzymes, starch processing.So febrile patients can not feed the beggar with a high starch content, but simply to give a simple soup made from boiled water bread.This is one of the rules of treatment and diet.

Any patient can be advised to always take in writing digestible foods such as yogurt, soup of fruit or vegetables juices (apple, plum, juice of wild rose, raspberry, blueberry and so on. D.).Useful for him and a variety of homemade compotes.Of course, juices and fruit drinks should not be too sweet.On the second, you can offer porridge semolina, barley, oats.When it comes to recovery, you can gradually move to potato dishes, give the patient a little lean beef or lamb dishes of boiled fish with potatoes, liver, eggs.

Particular attention should be given bread and bakery products.The bread must be wheaten and

callous, even better - from flour and bran.For patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract better prepare bread without yeast.It is necessary to ensure that the patient chew it and drank the liquid.