Cleansing the body of folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

Any mechanism works well if it is clean.The same thing happens with our body, which is a thousand times harder most intelligent and sophisticated machines - it also needs from time to time in a good cleansing.When we get sick, then all the worries about their health are trying to assign to the doctor, without thinking that they themselves must first of all take care of themselves and prevent the development of diseases, and especially of its transition to the chronic form.However, we do not always have this will power, sometimes overcomes laziness, and sometimes we do deliberately inflict harm to the body

immoderate diet, smoking, alcohol.

Health difficult to maintain.Only our perseverance, a great desire and a great willpower to defeat the disease.

basic condition for every healthy organism is its purity.Any delay in the body of rotting waste difficult path to health.Why chronically ill so bad helps most drugs of conventional medicine, even stubborn herbal therapy and traditional medicine does not a

lways bring healing?The answer is simple.Because we treat intoxicated, poisoned by toxins the body.So, before you start treatment of any disease, especially chronic, it is necessary to cleanse the body, to throw out of it everything that hinders its normal life.

According to some scholars, 50% received bioenergy human body spends on vision, the other half - in the rest of life activity.But if the human body "cluttered" slag, a large part of the remaining 50% of bio-energy is spent on its purification.What is left for him to normal life?Some 10-20%.So about what a normal life is all about?As the disease is not overcome it?

When we cleanse the body of toxins, all refined system will start operating at full capacity, as a huge number of available bioenergy.

In the human body weight of 50-55 kg is circulated 35 l of liquid, 5 of them in the blood, 2 - in the lymph, and 28 - in the extracellular fluid.Between each cell and body fluids is a constant exchange.The cell receives nutrients

substance and gives the decay products.If the intercellular fluid (washing the each cell) contaminated slag, then, according to the law of diffusion and osmotic pressure difference, cell purification is incomplete.Part of the decay products (toxins) remains in the cell, disrupting its normal activity.Every year increases the amount of toxins and cell worse cope with their responsibilities.But such cells in the body - billions!More and more of them out of order - there are pain and dysfunction of an organ.The body includes more and more compensatory reactions and, in the end, can not stand - the disease is completely comes into its own.

Once the great Russian scientist VI Vernadsky (1863-1945) wrote: "No species can not live in the waste created by them."These words can be put in the basis of the origin and treatment of any disease.First clean, then bit you.

Old age - is the accumulation of toxins, which are collected in the body as a result of poor nutrition, bad habits and lack of regular cleansing.