Exercises to relax the eye and mind

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

2. Now close your eyes.Lower eyelids freely in the position which they take themselves completely relax them.Open your eyes.Repeat several times, trying to grasp the position of the limit of relaxation.

3. Sit against the wall, at a distance of 2-5 meters.Schedule currently two points on the wall, one to two feet above the other.Translate look from the point to the point - slowly, slowly, even more slowly, as soon as possible ... more ... more ... Do you notice how the eyelids grow heavy and gradually relax, eyes welling up harder - catch this feeling: it is useful to youwhen immersed in contemplation and meditation, and to manage to sleep.

Comment. Such contemplation from a distance of about 5 meters of the point for 10-20 minutes - one of the yogic relaxation techniques.

4. Keep the eye inwards and upwards (Bhur-Basilica of SS-drashta) - the eyelids themselves begin to fall.Let the eye returns to its original position.Repeat this several times - it is possible that you pervosti feel dizzy and drows

y.Here is one of the techniques of deep relaxation muscles of the eye, useful, among other things, for insomnia.

5. Sitting in the lotus posture (Padmasana), lying on the floor or sitting in a chair.Eyes wide open.Gaze - distance, nowhere (glazing sight) for 3-5 minutes.Let thoughts go as they want, but it is better to keep in the minds of some abstract idea - an eternity, infinitude, immortality.Even better and harder - completely disable all thought.

Comment. This is not only an exercise in relaxation of the wide-open eyes, but also a great mind.

6. Oladonivanie with a look.Find a room in any well-lit object.Sit in front of it so that the light fell behind you, and close enough to the object still was for you almost within a clear vision.

Now do oladonivanie, counting slowly to five.Then subtract your hands and, turning his head from side to side, slide your eyes back and forth on the project.Do this to the count of five.Repeat this many times on the spot and making alternately oladonivanie, then glancing.Do not apply any effort and unnecessary effort.Your case - only to help visually impaired.Five minutes you will be enough for this.During the execution of its constantly maintain a sense of light and enjoyable games.7. There is a good and simple method of complacency that we use sometimes unconsciously: lightly stroking his finger on the eyelids, on the eyebrows, on the forehead, around the eyes.In these places are giving birth to calm and sleep nerves.Such movements can soothe and lull, not only children but also adults.

Improvising so with eyes, you make sure that you have hidden in them and very thin roots of complacency, self-control, mood control, and finally, vivacity.

Do not make these relaxation techniques in heavy physical exercise.You should be given to relaxing the whole, think about it, feel it, because the relaxation - it is a feeling.Be creative, will I require in the course of the day the opportunity to devote the time, busy performing your work, short periods of relaxation.Turn it for yourself in the game, redistribute their time sticking up here and there minute relaxation.

Well, if you absolutely can not do anything, at least from time to time make a deep breath, closed his eyes.Eyes will reward you for these tiny intervals of rest.

repeat to you: giving their eyes a break by relaxing, you do not lose work time because relaxed eyes and mind work with renewed vigor and more efficiently.

Be decisive and accurate in their lessons, and you will achieve the same good control over the mind and vision.Be especially patient and persistent - and good results in your hands!Nature gives slowly and build gradually.Any worthwhile requires relevant work and patience.

We again reiterate: do relaxing activities a way of your life.And then you can improve your eyesight.

No matter what form of visual impairment you suffer - myopia or hyperopia

.The described method of relaxation to make your nervous system as much as it is for your vision.Do your exercises, mindful of this dual purpose.

If you are after performing any exercises have the effect, contrary to the expected, it is only because you minimize the relaxation or even neglected them.Some say: "I have done all the exercises, but I had no time to make a dip."We have here a method - a method of relaxation and immersion (oladonivanie) - the basis of this relaxation.

Encourage movement through the eyes relax.This expands the blood vessels and ensure smooth blood circulation in the eye, thereby stimulating the optic nerve and retina nerves.Relaxation also stimulates mental activity, because the visual centers of the brain need to be interpreted through the eyes of the perceived image.When relaxing in a natural way as normal and deep breathing, so necessary for vision.

So, it was not the physical exercises and relaxation exercises.They must be carried out as long as you do not work out and will not correct habits of subconscious.Then you can forget about your eyes, with the exception of solarization and oladonivaniya to prevent fatigue and to feed them.From time to time, as well as experiencing some stress or illness after spending a refreshing treatment relaxation.

now turn to the individual, that is dynamic and static exercises that we interspersed with relaxation.