Cleansing the body for a .at.Bolotov - removal of radionuclides and salts ( purified enzyme ) .

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

radionuclides removal from the body is difficult.Most fully cleans the human body enzyme celandine: 3 liters of whey, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup of fresh-cut grass celandine.It is best to take the stems and leaves.Herb put in a bag of cheesecloth and using weights (pebble) drop to the bottom three-liter bottles.Cover the jar 3 layers of cheesecloth (to not start wine midges).For 2 weeks in serum formed a very strong layer of lactic acid bacteria.The products of their life have the ability to renew and purify all that they get.Moreover, it is not only the surface of the skin, mucous membranes and-eye, nasopharyngeal, ear, vaginal, gastrointestinal tract.

If the resulting enzyme eat 1-2 weeks 0,5 cup half an hour before a meal, it is almost completely restored epithelial surface as the stomach and intestines.Insoluble chlorides, heavy metals, epithelial hairs stuck in the gastrointestinal tract, easily removed from the body by enzymes celandine.Lighter metals, radionuclides due to gastric enzymes are not absor

bed by the formation of insoluble complexes.

Body detoxification enzymes chestnut.The enzyme is not necessary to cook chestnuts in the whey.Suffice it to take 3 liters of water, 15-20 chestnuts, peeled (and, it should also be used).Chestnuts should be cut in half, and not granulate slices, or drink will be very bitter.Then add 1 cup sugar and leaven put in a jar 0.5 cups of whey.Instead, you can take whey yeast or sour cream.

Within 2 weeks will go fermentation, resulting in the formation a very tasty drink.He quickly removes radionuclides from the body, thereby strengthening it, as well as supplying the body with calcium, copper, cobalt, are elevated radiation byaro lost by the body.It promotes it and the accumulation of iodine in the body that can be used in the treatment of hypothyroidism.