The exercises focus on the view of the light sources

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

Comment. exercise is performed usually in the evening, after sunset, the darkness or twilight


1. Place a lighted candle at eye level or slightly higher, at a distance of 0.5 to 1 meter from the person - like you will have a more convenient.According to the classical canons of this distance must be equal to the distance from the eye to the pubis.

2. Take any stable position and unblinking look at a candle.Nothing should be at this time to distract you, neither subjects nor the sounds around, no thoughts within you.

3. Carefully peered into the flame, gradually narrowing the area of ​​up to a minimum.His eyes opened wide, blinking impossible.flames starting to emerge as one bright spot that will grow as we continue the exercises.Ideally, the spot should occupy the entire field of view.Even thought of cleaning the world's fire elements - Agni.Yoga keeps this up to an hour or more.

Comment. repeat that during the exercise the head should be free from any extraneous thoughts.We need to learn to just

watch.This is the most difficult, and skill comes only after a long workout.At first, it will always appear a variety of ideas, and this is perfectly normal.Realizing a extraneous thoughts, do not drop it in exasperation, because such a reaction is completely useless.Better to smile inwardly and switch to the center of the flame.Using central fixation, try to see something in flame. Separate yourself from your thoughts, evaluate everything as if from the outside and quite friendly.

first weeks at the flames should look for as long as your eyes do not get tired.In the future, this time can be increased up to 10-15 minutes.It is strictly forbidden to engage in this exercise through force.Each time, as soon as the stinging and tears, the eyes must be closed and continue to look at the candle mind's eye, is represented between the eyebrows bright spot disappears.Each time, you should try to increase the time of the residual glow of flame and visualize how you can more clearly.

During the exercises do not forget about posture!It is important to back and head all the time to keep straight.Finding that the head dropped, and his back bent, it should be straightened immediately.Yoga prefer to perform all the exercises of this kind, sitting in Padmasana.

4. Finish the exercise cleansing breath and relax your eyes.The best thing to do oladonivanie.

Comment. duration of gaze fixation on the flame of a candle is used by yogis in step (concentration) Dharana to develop the ability to concentrate.However, exercise is very beneficial effect on the eye and improves visual acuity.


to focus view onreflected flame can start after several months of the previous exercise.Technique of this exercise is similar to the technique of the previous exercise, but not fix gaze on the flames, and its reflection in the water.For this Therefore

put a basin, a bowl or wide bowl, pouring the water back.The use of a mirror is not desirable.Should look angle of about 30 degrees to the water surface.Fixing the gaze on the reflected light improves the ability to focus attention and calms the nervous system.


Comment. exercise is performed in the morning or evening when the sun touches the horizon, that is, for about half an hour after sunrise or before sunset.Generally prefer yoga to their training morning.Keep a close look at the bright afternoon sun can not.

1. Take any stable posture, straighten your back, keep your head straight.

2. Point the view of the sun.

3. Carefully peered into the center of the sun, trying to reduce the field of view to the size of the solar disk.Watch their eyes wide open, without straining them, and not blinking.

4. When you feel that just about tears, you should close your eyes and hold a mental track of the sun between the eyebrows.The eyes remain relaxed.

Comment. If you will not be possible to look at the sun, then fix look in the space next to the sun, gradually bringing it to the disk.When the shutter is better to repeat the exercise several times, than to prolong it by force.

FOCUSING sight ON reflection of the sun

Exercise is similar to the previous one, only to watch it is not necessary to the sun itself,and its reflection in the water - in a pond, river, lake.It can be done at any time of the day.

Comment. focused look at the sun and its reflection is very useful for the eyes.Eagle can look directly at the sun, so yoga believe that the systematic practice in the sun viewing likens human vision eagle.In India, solarization is applied to eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness (including old age), inflammation of the eye, astigmatism, trachoma.


in progress in the same way as the concentration of sight to the sun.See

from 3 to 10 minutes.It is desirable that the moon was to the eyes at an angle of 45 degrees: so the eyes are less tired.It is only necessary to say that people with unstable nervous system, look at the moon with a focused look impossible.Completely healthy people to the moon and its reflection (the latter, it must be said, is preferred) focus is recommended no more than once a week.

great benefit also brings a vision fixing eyes on the stars, the clouds on the mountain tops, on sea expanse and beauty of the landscape.