How to save eyesight

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

Meanwhile, a lot of people wearing today points, could in two or three, a maximum of six months to fully restore the health of your eyes, if only to recruit the necessary patience and saying emphatically "No!" To his laziness and imaginary employment, all the while diligently perform appropriate exercises.It is always a lack of natural strengthening movements can compensate for intentional exercises.In addition to the regular performance of the following exercises we optionally can always continuously train the eye, even in our everyday surroundings, gazing into the distance and watching the moving objects: people on the streets, riding cars, signs (when they themselves are going to the car), etc.

..nowadays vision in middle age, tend to deteriorate.The so-called senile vision with bifocals is perceived by us as a natural state of affairs.But after the old man's vision can be such troubles as

premature weakening of view, the appearance of pain, you can expect to cataracts, glaucoma, and the emergence

of the need for surgery.Nevertheless, there are a lot of people surviving to 90-100 years and have good eyesight.Ms. Corbett said that Grandma Reynolds, a former actress and her student, and his '94 kept the same sharp eye and mind, and did not use any points.This is not surprising.Age does not impair vision.Age - a measure of time, and not the degree of force.Age - a plausible excuse, in fact, does not hide bad human visual habits that led to his eyesight.

If your eyes have lost their natural power, it was only because you do not know how to prevent unwanted changes.But ignorance is no excuse flow of destructive processes.Meanwhile, opportunities for improvement and perfection of everyone has, and at any age.According to the Yogis, there is only one way to deal with time - it is a daily, hourly perfection of body and mind under the guidance of the spirit.You need to understand that the eyes - this is not finished, and developing body, regardless of whether you are an adult, child or elder.They are flexible, dynamic and always in a state of change.In your power to make this change was the development rather than corruption.Part of the future state of your eyes depends, of course, from their past, but still you should keep in mind that most of it still depends on you.

Use of yogis system, as well as of all the others, all that you consider acceptable for themselves, based on the usual way of life to you.If good vision dear to you, then change their habits and take it out of the system, or systems, everything that it is, or they can give you.

Do not wait for tomorrow, start taking care of your eyes today.Be patient: to correct your vision, you may need a lot of time.But Nature you will never fail.The earliest successes you feel pretty soon.Take care of your eyes - and you'll be happy with the success that awaits you.To help your eyes, you need to take care of nutrition, circulation, muscle tone and an even temper.Nature is on your side.Remember that the eyes and samovosstanavlivaemy samoizlechimy - it will give you energy and enthusiasm.

first, not going into details, we will look at the structure of the eye and examine how it is working out of necessity, in order to then understand how to deal with my own eyes, say a few words about the right and wrong use of vision and after moveto exercise themselves to restore and maintain normal, healthy vision.Recall that, as always, in theory we are vdaemsya only from necessity, that is, then, to show that the views of our - not an invention for the filling of paper or of killing time, and streamlined system, according to the nature and it is dictated.So have patience to read and, more importantly, to understand this theoretical departure and only after the judge, what are yogis theory.