Fasting days and crisp food

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

To reduce body weight at home 1-2 times a week can be done fasting days during which to eat significantly less energy value.In the diet is usually administered uniform products.

Fasting days on the chemical composition divided into carbohydrate (apple, watermelon, cucumber and others.);fat (or sour cream);protein (meat, cheese, kefir, fish);Combined (complex).

When choosing a fasting day to consider the tastes and habits of the patient, but to begin treatment for obesity is best with meat, cheese or sour cream of the day, as they are better tolerated by the body, but in effect do not yield to the other.If the patient tolerates the hunger felt by the discharge day, to enhance therapeutic effect it is recommended to double the fasting days.

based carbohydrate fasting days on the principle of limitation in the diet of protein and fat with the introduction of products that contain complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, mineral salts.To this end, unsweetened apple varieties are most often used, cucumbers,

watermelons, tomatoes, plums, cherries, currants and other fruits and vegetables.

during the day at regular intervals for 5 receptions patient consumes 1500 g of any of these products in raw form.Receiving additional fluid is usually not recommended when handling spent days, since the products used contain a sufficient amount of water.

Fat fasting days stimulate the activity of enzymes that break down fat, inhibit the transition carbohydrates into fat and create a calm overexcited insular apparatus of the pancreas of patients with obesity.On this day, 500 grams of 20 percent sour cream or cream consumed in 5 equal portions at regular intervals.Twice a day are allowed to drink 1 cup of coffee with milk without sugar or infusion of rose hips.

Protein fasting days easily tolerated obesity.They improve metabolism and increase the activity of enzymes that destroy the fats.

for protein fasting days can be used cottage cheese, which consume 150 g 4 times a day with 15 grams of sour cream.Two times can drink 1 cup of coffee with milk (50 g) with or without sugar sorbitol.Kefir day was carried out using 1500 ml of yogurt, which are distributed on 6 receptions for 250 ml.

fairly efficient meat fasting days.For the entire day, we recommend 450 grams of cooked lean meat (usually obtained from 600 g raw meat), which is divided into 5 portions.When this discharge is allowed to use 3 cups of coffee with milk without sugar (you can with sorbitol or xylitol) and 2 cups of the infusion of rose hips.

The combined fasting days is recommended to use different combinations of products.Thus, in the rice-apple fasting day the patient receives 3 servings of rice porridge (25 g of rice and 150 ml of milk per serving) and 800-1000 grams of raw or baked apples.

When combined with cottage cheese curdled take 3 servings of cottage cheese, 150 g (can be cooked curd) and 3 servings of yogurt 200-250, the Combine is desirable to close the chemical composition of foods (meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, vegetables and berries, etc.. P.).If

apply 2 consecutive days of unloading, the first is better to carry out the meat, and then the sour cream or vegetable.As a result of these 2 days of discharge of body weight can be reduced by 2-2.5 kg.

During unloading it is advisable to engage in normal physical or mental work that distracts from thinking about food.The food should be taken separately from other family members.

Efficiency handling of the day, it is desirable to control weighing.Night dream during unloading extend to 9 hours.

Fasting days are used for the treatment not only obesity, but also other diseases: nephritis, gout, chronic renal failure and other

The diet therapy has been used successfully contrast food diet in which each subsequent day diet is significantly different from the previous one..Contrast of food activates the metabolism, it allows to diversify and food components included in it.

to treat obesity can use diet, on which each of 6 days a week is offered a different menu: vegetables, meat, egg, milk, fish, fruit.

On the seventh day the patient is allowed to eat on your own.This diet is made with a slight limitation of the energy value of food, with frequent doses it in small portions.