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Theory periodically underwent fasting and times of active prosperity, and fell into disfavor.This pattern is natural.

As a rule, the extinction and complete cessation of proactive self-starvation coincided with national disasters, wars, crop failures and other calamities, when a food product has been tight.

Conversely, during periods of abundance sharply stepped up "preaching" proactive fast and the number of people voluntarily, on their own, hungry people, increased sharply.

Today proactive fasting refers to a very popular self-referring.Unfortunately, there are people among the promoters of the incompetent, distorting treatments starvation.It is hard to overestimate what injury causes undue amateurish propaganda of self-starvation.

addition "samohotnogo" initiative starvation, appeared recently theory fasting , conducted in hospitals or outpatient.

Fasting is used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.Currently fasting received particularly intensive development in the US, France and some

Asian countries.There is the idea that fasting makes up for what is powerless to make the official medicine.

to diseases that are cured by fasting, especially in the earliest periods have been attributed obesity and overweight, some mental and skin disorders, metabolic disorders, early sexual wilting and premature aging.

Currently, the list of applications fasting expanded and supplemented with diseases such as gout, kidney-stone disease, diabetes, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, asthma and others.

Proponents of fasting andtherapeutic action believe that all body systems, including the immune, safety, function during starvation at the highest level of activity.

Another study (quite old) is to ensure that when starvation occurs relieve the body of accumulated toxins and other waste and hazardous substances.The body in this situation as much as possible from their unloaded, cleaned and refreshed most active components.

However, the transition of the organism to food by domestic funds can have negative consequences.Fasting except fats for energy purposes body uses cellular proteins.

phenomena protein deficiency and disorders of protein metabolism - Adverse factors associated with starvation.After all, the body satisfies their need for protein by its own protein!Essentially, there is a redistribution of proteins of the organism.Especially consumption of proteins increases after 15 days of fasting, when exhausted by other energy sources.Thus there is a lack of vitamins and that, in turn, leads to an even more significant violations of metabolic processes.

less valuable proteins are transformed into vital proteins that are essential to the operation and the normal state of life-support systems (the brain and central nervous system, endocrine system, etc..), Preservation of blood proteins (hemoglobin), immune proteins, highly lipoprotein fosfoproteidov, glyukoproteidovet al.

However, consumption of own proteins is not unlimited.Facts are facts: death comes when expenditure of 50-45% of the body's own proteins.Depending on the individual (age, etc.). It may occur, and with less expenditure of its own proteins.

As a result of violations of protein metabolism during starvation in the body can build up some metabolic products, which have toxic properties.

Thus, during fasting the main danger is posed by violations of protein metabolism.

obvious dangers are fasting and impaired vitamin and microelement exchange.

Termination revenues vitamins and mineral salts disrupts the normal structure and function of enzyme systems, intracellular metabolism and function of cell membrane structure.Fasting is disturbed acid-base balance shifts toward acidic, resulting in acidosis may develop a negative impact on human health.

Such negative consequences of starvation force many scientists wary of the use of starvation for medicinal purposes.

Fasting most importantly - do not step over the physiological limit of the capabilities of the organism, followed by severe disorders may occur.

This physiological limit is individual.In some people it is more, others - less.Individual features fasting play an important role.They are based on the human nervous status, state of the central and the endocrine system, and others. Therefore, the utmost importance is the establishment of the duration of the period of fasting for each individual.

When medical starvation (in a clinical setting) the duration of fasting can be up to 30 days or more.It is believed that the loss of half of the body of the original weight is lethal.The more reserves of adipose tissue, the longer the body can endure starvation.

Women withstand starvation longer than men.

can assume that the duration of fasting, carried out in clinical conditions, shall not exceed one month.As for the initiative of "home" self-starvation, its duration should be much smaller.

most common methods through self initiative fasting is fasting for two days each week and fasting for a week every month.These "recommendations" come from amateur propagandists self-starvation and any deep scientific study do not have.However, they are, unfortunately, widespread.

proactive Longer fasting at home close to the forced starvation.Meanwhile proactive starvation, greater than 15 days, a real danger to health.

Fasting - quite a strong impact and a serious interference in the functioning of the organism, not less, but rather more than any drug introduction into it.Therefore, equally as well as drug treatment may not be released from the hands of the physician and transmitted to the discretion of the patient and treatment starvation can not be issued from the scope of medical observation and supervision.

in Russia fasting is used as a treatment method in stationary conditions in hospitals.Most famous in the use of starvation for medicinal purposes was Professor S. Nikolaev and his school (on their account more than 7000 patients).The use of fasting initiative, in the manner of self-medication is not allowed.

dosed fasting for 14 days performed at full refusal of food, but with taking water.Conducted methodically correctly, such starvation does not lead to dystrophic changes in the body, as it happens at the forced starvation.

duration of the course of fasting appointed doctor individually, depending on the state of human health.During this period, no smoking, no prescriber.Every day, the patient must carry out cleansing enemas.Water is recommended to consume at least 1.5 liters per day.

differ discharge and recovery period.In the first period - within 3 days from the beginning of fasting (food excitation stage) - there is a nagging feeling of hunger, there is irritability, disturbed sleep, often exacerbated by previous disease.At 3-5 day hunger is usually dull and sometimes disappears completely.

Language is covered with a thick white coating, it appears in the urine acetone, which is often defined in air exhaled by the patient (develops acidosis).Increasing acidosis occurs within 7-10 days.

then health is greatly improved - there comes the so-called acidotic crisis, when there is vitality, improves mood.Language gradually cleared of plaque, the daily weight loss becomes minimal (100-200 g per day).Gradually, however, the patient's condition deteriorates again: there is a general weakness, headache, and sometimes pain in the heart, a feeling of strong hunger is restored.This usually results in the discharge period.

The recovery period is about the same duration as a discharge.Appointed diet gradually expanded, increased and its energy value.On the first day after the cessation of fasting patient give half juice diluted with water - 100-120 g on reception, to 1 liter per day.From the second day added pureed ripe apples, oranges and other fruits, with the third - grated carrots (400-600 g per day).Permission is granted to use 500-600 grams of yogurt a day.

Starting from the fifth day, the patient received 100 grams of bread at the reception.After the sixth day the menu includes salad of potatoes, beets, raw grated carrots and finely chopped cabbage with vegetable oil (15-20 g).On the eleventh day allowed to eat semi-liquid porridge with milk and butter (5-7 g).The food is prepared without salt.Meat, fish, eggs are introduced into the diet after the end of the recovery period.

Fasting should be performed only in a hospital, and only in those cases when other medications and dietary measures do not have the desired effect.

especially should be used cautiously complete fasting in obese patients as they develop during this more severe acidosis (disturbance of acid-base status) than in other diseases, and very often there are serious complications, seizures, sudden decrease in blood pressure (collapse) in violation of cardiac activity and disorder of consciousness.