skin Improvement

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Stone Oil Treatment

For centuries the ideal of female beauty is constantly changing.But no matter what the women were held in high esteem - thin or full, stately, or fragile, low - a prerequisite for beauty has always been a good skin.

Indeed, the ideal (ie, normal) skin is quite rare.This skin is evenly colored, looks smooth, firm, clean and fresh.Devoid of such defects as pores, blackheads, dilated blood vessels, and so on. F. Normal skin is resistant to washing with soap and water, various cosmetics, decorative cosmetics.

skin imperfections, primarily indicate malfunctions in the body, so taking care of her beauty, can not be limited to external care.Do not forget that all the unwanted skin manifestations - primarily the result of certain problems in the body.Take care of strengthening the immune system, normalize metabolism.This stone oil - your loyal ally, as created by nature, this drug is able to heal the entire body.

huge impact on skin condition has endocrine system.We have already talked about how important the

correct operation of the endocrine system, especially the thyroid health of the whole organism.Stone oil improves the activity of the thyroid gland, normalizes hormonal balance.

skin condition is also directly connected with digestion.Due to the lack of minerals or vitamins, even normal skin can become dry or oily.And fortified creams, masks, lotions and other care products for face and body skin, while helping to preserve the beauty, can never compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals in food.As you may recall, stone oil is extremely rich in minerals and vitamins, so its use can eliminate their deficiency in the body.

If you dream of a beautiful and healthy skin, take the solution of the stone oil inside: 3 g per 3 liters of water, 3 times a day on 1 glass before meals.

As an external agent stone oil is suitable for all skin types, but its use for each type of secrets on your own.