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This term refers to food only food, not subject to any storage.Ideally, this concept involves the consumption of a pair, just milked, still warm milk, eggs just taken from the nest, cucumbers and other vegetables directly "from the garden", live fish, and TD

course, today in large populationpoints is hardly possible on a large scale supply of the population "paired" products.Yet there is much to do in this regard.And above all, thoughtful, persistent reduction of supply routes and the promotion of food products to the consumer, the organization a clear, rapid implementation of the "direct" products such as milk, greens, fresh vegetables, etc.

In implementing svezheedeniya particularly important to provide the population with fresh milkand dairy products, as well as most as possible - fresh green vegetables.Keep in mind that green, green cucumbers and other vegetables that have lost their turgor, wrinkled and dirty, significantly reducing its biological value and can not be regarded as "fresh".Providi

ng the population with fresh, high-grade vegetables is not only a commercial and economic activity, but the most important thing wellness.

in solving problems of fresh milk in particular, is crucial immediate cooling of the milk after milking.It is found that rapid cooling of milk in it retained most of the properties inherent in fresh milk, up to 48 hours. That's why well-conducted rapid cooling of milk allows providing "paired" with milk and urban population.

There are similar findings in regard to "pair" the meat.It is found that if the meat is cooled to a temperature of 4 degrees C. thicker muscles in it all useful indicators of more than frozen meat.

Storage purchased food (even in a home refrigerator) leads to a significant loss of their biological properties.

can assume that every day household food storage out of their "freshness" and they become less full-fledged content of vitamins, enzymes, volatile, and other biologically active components.

Such important sources of biologically active substances such as milk and green vegetables should be stored in the home a very short time (no more than 1-2 days).

Large losses of biologically active substances occurs during cooking and storage of the finished food.Main

destruction of biologically active substances, including vitamins, occurs during heat processing of food.The higher the temperature effect on the product, especially food depreciating biologically.

However, the destruction of biologically active substances by heating is not so much from the heat as from a heating duration.These types of long cooking like stewing vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, etc.), Accompanied by the highest loss of vitamins and other biologically active substances.At the same time, short-term heating at high temperature is not accompanied by their losses.

This is the basis for the application of high-temperature pasteurization of milk method.On the same principle based fast high-temperature sterilization of milk.We can assume that the time factor plays a crucial role in preserving the biological value of food and human nutrition.

Previously stated that the destruction of the main biologically active components occurs during heat treatment.However, this view was mistaken.Major losses of biologically active food substances do not occur at the time of heat treatment, and during the advance of the food to the consumer.The longer the term, the more cooked food stores and stands motionless rather than later it arrives at the table to the consumer, the more it biologically impaired.

loss occurs particularly intensively biologically active substances during storage of foods and ready meals without cooling.But even in domestic refrigerators a day, ready meal contains almost no vitamin C and many other biologically active components.

When studying centenarians power in Georgia, it was noted that they mainly feed on freshly prepared food and never leave her "breakfast."Basically, using fresh, plucked in the garden greens and other vegetables.Apparently, the most biologically valuable dish is a soup of freshly caught fish cooked on the banks of a river or lake.The greatest preservation of vitamin C in the liver to peel potatoes.Apparently, baked potatoes should be used more often in the diet as a product of high biological value