Power " on the verge "

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

The theoretical justification of various theories of the "right" food in some countries (USA, France and others.) Begins to spread the theory "on the edge", which is understood as partial satisfaction of the body's need for nutrients with the expectation that "given short" part of nutrientsIt will be offset by internal resources of the organism.

thus satisfying the body's need for nutrients shall be implemented as an exogenous (external) and endogenous way by the body's reserves.

basic rationale of the concept food "on the edge" is the following.All systems of the body in charge of the conversion of nutrients, their selection and assimilation, received less nutrients in the food composition to the level of full satisfaction of the needs, all the time are in a heightened state of functional "health", in an effort to use a maximum of nutrients, limited entering in the composition of the diet.As a result of all of these systems are in a state of high fitness.

Complementing the missing amount of protein,

fat and other nutrients due to its means and capabilities, the body produces a selection of the most valuable in functional substances for concentration and flow releases for less valuable, less important functional substances.By continuously updating internal anabolic and energy resources is their structural and functional improvement, which leads to overall strengthening of the body, improving efficiency.Furthermore, during use of internal resources for food purposes are removed from the body components moribund.

As a result of the body to some extent cleared of unnecessary and, in some cases, harmful substances.The concept of "on the verge" includes preventing the development of the exchange-food hypokinesia, which means the decrease of functional activity of all parts of metabolism.Does not encourage the active function when excess nutrients receipt, they will inevitably reduce their functional capacity to the same extent as the Non load bearing skeletal system, which in this case reduces his functional capacity.

Theory "on the verge" is reflected in the ancient hypothesis of scientists, and equally in the statements of contemporary scholars, proclaimed the thesis of "get up from the table with a sense of malnutrition and the desire to eat more."We are talking in this case about the feeling of light, are not completely satisfied hunger.