Cleansing vessels folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

Without the cleansing of vessels can not speak about the possibility of a cure of any disease of the cardiovascular system.During the life of the vessel walls are impregnated with salts, lose their elasticity, on the inside they are formed cholesterol plaques that impede blood flow.To overcome all these obstacles, the heart has to work with more force, causing the heart muscle hypertrophy.The increase in compensatory heart-body reaction, but any compensation

has its limits, and the heart can not be increased endlessly.There comes a time when it is no longer able to overcome the resistance of vascular blood flow and can not fully ensure the supply of oxygen and blood to tissues and organs.It - decompensation, ie, a condition in which the heart has exhausted its resources and capabilities.However, even in this time, you can still do something.To help the heart cope with their work, need to clean vessels from cholesterol layers, try to remove the salt from the walls of blood vessels and their gaps, thereb

y increasing their elasticity.

There are several ways of cleansing the vascular bed.One of the most ancient is Tibetan.He was more than three thousand years, and is now used worldwide.

medicine proposed by the ancient, cleanses the body of lime, dramatically improves the metabolism, resulting in vascular walls become elastic, and the amount of blood passing through them increases.This prevents coronary disease and myocardial infarction.After treatment the patient feels much better, improve vision and hearing, it becomes more elastic skin - the body rejuvenated.

Preparation: 350 g finely chopped garlic and pound in a wooden bowl tolkushkoy.Weigh 200 g of the resulting mass (take it from the bottom, where there is more juice), put in a clay jar and pour 200 ml of alcohol.The vessel was tightly closed and kept in a dark place for 10 days.After that, the composition of filter through a thick cloth, wring out the residue.After 3 days you can begin treatment.Medication to drink milk at room temperature (50 g), infusing it drop by drop is strictly according to the scheme:

Next, 25 drops 3 times a day, until the end of medication.The treatment can be repeated not less than 5 years.

great importance in the process of purification of the vessels on the salt grass play.Traditional medicine offers the following methods of cleansing herbs vessels:

Japanese Sophora cleanses the blood vessels of the organic deposits: '50 fruit or flowers to insist 30 days in 500 ml of vodka.Strain.Drink 1 h. Spoon 3 times a day.Several weaker operating Sophora infusion (1 tablespoon spoonful of flowers pour a glass of boiling water, 1 hour, drain,. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day).

Mistletoe removes inorganic deposits from the vessels: mistletoe grind into flour, 1 teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water in a thermos overnight..Drink 2 tablespoons.spoon 2 times a day.Both herb drink for 3-4 months.

Collection: take St. John's wort, chamomile, immortelle and birch buds 100 g (herbs come from a dried and powdered form).1 tbsp.spoon collection zaligg 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave for 3-4 hours.Strain.At half the dose