Prevention of atherosclerosis

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

Atherosclerosis Prevention - a very difficult and complex process that requires a person of strong will, a strong self-discipline and great moral effort.The development of the disease depends on social conditions, the environment, habits and inclinations of the individual.Working conditions, living conditions, human environment - all this affects the development of the disease and can be a slow and speed up its development.Particular attention in the prevention of atherosclerosis should be given to the following factors:


2. Sport and Exercise.

3. Correct selection of herbs used for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

4. to Skill to get away from stressful situations, or at least weaken their effect.

power connection with the degree of progression of atherosclerosis has been said enough.But in the prevention of atherosclerosis, in addition to food, it is very important to the overall physical condition of each person.This was known by the ancient.2-3 thousand years ago, exercise a gre

at success all over the then civilized world.Hippocrates - the father of medicine, thought exercise, walking, running, riding a perfect remedy, and when a particular illness prescribed them to their patients.He himself was engaged in gymnastic exercises, jogging and lived 85 years.

Asclepiades, who lived in Virginia for about 2 million years ago, generally skeptical of drugs, and in first place in the treatment of any disease put physical methods of treatment and prevention.

Galen, as Asclepiades, a dominant value in the treatment of diseases attributed to physical treatments, to which it refers also ride on horseback, earthworks, vintage, marching, hunting and fishing.

Currently, the official medicine pays more attention to non-traditional physical methods of treatment, which is supporting gay and secured the success of medical treatment.

Ktakim methods include various types of physical training: physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise, swimming, bathing, training on simulators, fitness games, skating, skiing, begtrustsoy, jogging long distances and more.