Recommendations for home girudoterapii

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

thrombophlebitis, thrombosis.Leeches desirable to put itself above the thrombosed vein.It is necessary to avoid thinning of the skin areas with translucent blue veins, as the leech can bite through the vein and cause severe bleeding."Natural healers" can also put on a course of thrombosed veins on both sides in a staggered manner, about 1 cm departing from the vein and making the intervals of 5-6 cm between the leeches on each side.The number of leeches and the number of sessions depends on the severity of the disease and the degree of inflammation of the skin.Typically, there is only one or two sessions.

thrombosis and inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes leeches put on the sites themselves or around the anus.Typically, to facilitate the patient's condition often sufficient to two or three treatments.

Thrombosis cerebral vascular sclerotic form of hypertension, migraine, severe hot flashes and headaches during menopause.Leeches usually put on the mastoid are generally on both sides, almost strictly vert

ical.Those who carry out preventive treatment with leeches at home, you need to remember: they can not be placed closer than at a distance of 1 cm from the ear.The fact that the ear are superficial veins, which bite can cause severe bleeding.Therefore it is better to start from the lowest point, of about 1 cm above the earlobe.You can then move to a second point on the bottom of which is located at 1-1.5 cm above the bottom, and so on.

In these diseases leeches can be put also on the coccyx, closer to the anus.To conduct this procedure, it is desirable in such a way: the patient lies on her side, pulls his knees to his stomach, one hand holds the buttock.Once all medical leeches are delivered, the hand can be gently released.

Any inflammatory processes.For all inflammatory processes of leeches can be placed on the inflamed area of ​​skin on the patient's body or a projection.It is also possible to put three or four locations around the patient leeches, if it is in the skin or deep underneath.If you have a sore throat, sinusitis, ethmoiditis, the leech is better to put on sore cavities.When inflammation in the joints leeches are placed around the affected joint.

Inflammatory and stagnant processes in the liver and gallbladder.In these diseases leeches put on the right hypochondrium, on the projection of the liver.You can also sometimes put them on the coccyx, closer to the anus.

kidney disease.People suffering from kidney disease, leeches put a little above the waist, directly on the projection area diseased kidney.

Whitlow.It is advisable to put leeches as soon as you notice the disease, or after it was diagnosed.When the primary forms of inflammation of the fingers and hand leeches, it is desirable to put on the painful area on the first or the second day of the disease.Formulation of the third day of the disease appears to be less effective.