Impermanence refraction

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Yoga For The Eyes

theory that if the refractive error caused by deformation of the eyeball, of course, gave rise to the conclusion that they represented the steady-state condition, and that the normal refraction - some permanent condition.But in fact, the facts do not conform to this view.

If we understand exactly how the shape of the eyeball is governed by its

outer muscles and to what extent it is instantly changed under their influence, we easily see that no refractive state is normal or not, can not be permanent.There is not one pair of eyes with a constant and unchanging value of refractive error.Every ophthalmologist own experience should know that the theory of incurability of errors of refraction is not true.Often these visual disturbances are cured spontaneously, or change shape.For a long time in science it was made to either ignore such facts causing anxiety venerable theory, or get rid of them superficial explanations.And we now affirm that all people with refractive errors during the day and night come mom

ents when their eyesight is perfectly normal, and their hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism completely disappear.Nor can change and shape abnormalities: myopia and hyperopia into each other, and one form of astigmatism is replaced by another.Specialists for which such axioms are revelation, we can only invite to conduct appropriate surveillance without bias.

Dr. Bates writes that, examining thousands of pairs of eyes in a New York hospital, he noted cases in which errors of refraction either spontaneously changed shape or disappeared completely.This, of course, followed the conclusion that the errors of refraction cured, otherwise they would not have spontaneously disappear or change shape.

very important to understand that when the eye sees any unfamiliar object, it is always an error of refraction.Known all eyestrain when placing paintings and other exhibits in the museum - one of the examples of this kind.

It is appropriate to say a few words about the psychological attitude of pessimum and optima.All interested person to see is for optimum eye: included hidden reserves, and a person sees objects normally.But as soon loses interest and even appear uncertainty or coercion, then the object in question acts as pessimum.So, for most visitors ophthalmologist's office check table it is always pessimum, and their vision is significantly worse when checking than it actually is.But if you can see it with normal vision, it means that you are able to see in this world almost anything you want.Patients who can not see the letters on the Snellen test, are often able to see the other objects of the same size and from the same distance.Remember: whether the object you are looking at, or the font on the test beads or vague, depending on how you look at it.Look at him tensed, and he will seem illegible.Take a look at it lightly, taking a deep breath, and the font will become clearer.Why?Because the force is thus a factor that impairs vision.Thus, the results of these surveys are strongly dependent on the conditions in which they are held.

can take the best eyes in the world and test them so that the owner should not be able to serve in the army.Conversely, the check may be carried out so that the eyes are clearly having an abnormal vision, in minutes, required to check made of normal and perfectly able to read the test card.Dr. Bates leads a striking example of this kind: one girl was so severely impaired that she could with the naked eye to see the moons of Jupiter, but it became myopic, as soon as she was asked to decide in your mind any task in mathematics - a subject unpleasant too much for her.

In terms of physical or mental discomfort, such as pain, runny nose,

cough, fever, exposure to heat or cold, anxiety, anger, depression, normal eye necessarily arise refractive error, and in the eye, where they already exist,these anomalies are exacerbated.Noise is also a cause of the deterioration of the normal eye.Sudden loud sound helps to reduce vision, familiar sounds of the same do not.

Any abnormal work of the external muscles of the eyeball is caused by stress and strain to see, which acts as one of the forms of stress, and with the removal of muscle tension normal operation, and all errors of refraction disappear.

eye may be affected cataract, retinal disease may suffer or atrophy of the optic nerve, but until he not making efforts to see, its external muscles are working properly and no refraction occurs.This fact has allowed us to find a way by which it is possible to remove all the abnormal condition is considered incurable.

Each refractive error corresponds to a kind of stress.So, myopia (nearsightedness) is not associated with the use of an eye to work in close proximity, as is commonly thought, but it was an effort to see distant objects, and,

respectively, hyperopia (farsightedness) occurs not because of viewing distant objects, andas a result of constant efforts to see objects in the near-point, which most often occurs in people who can not read without strain.

But all the people in certain circumstances can relax at will.The effort to see may be temporarily reduced in all uncomplicated refractive errors rather simple way: it does take some time to look at clean the wall without trying to see.Sometimes it takes a lot of time and ingenuity to achieve continuous relaxation.As in everything, the same method is not suitable for everyone.I must say that the ways in which people are tensed in an effort to see endless.Similarly, various methods and that can be used to relieve or reduce stress.In all possible ways, multiple repetition and the constant display, always and everywhere to emphasize that the ideal vision purchased only relaxation.

Thus, we argue that as long as no error of refraction is not an unchanging state, the low degree of abnormality can be completely eliminated, and higher - reduced and then eliminated also.