Recommendations for professional girudoterapevt

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cleansing The Body

Eye diseases.In these cases, leeches are usually put on the temporal area, at eye level, cut along the horizontal line, the right and left.Sometimes they can be put also on the mastoid.

Alveolar pyorrhea.In this disease, medicinal leeches put directly on the gums.Previously, it is desirable to identify the point where they should be placed leeches.The oral cavity is necessary to impose a sterile cotton.Leeches pose of the small tubes where they are during the entire act of bloodsucking.Observe the necessary rules of aseptic and antiseptic.

Appendiceal infiltrates and gynecological diseases.In the presence of appendicular infiltrates in the right iliac region and in inflammatory processes of female genital mutilation leeches placed on the following points: on the skin over the infiltrate in the vagina on the arches and around the anus.

Inflammation of the nerve trunks or roots.In these cases, leeches put directly on the painful area.When sciatica "seated" in the nerve, radiculitis - on either side of t

he spine.

Skin diseases.Such dermatological diseases such as erythroderma, lupus, psoriasis, treated with formulation of leeches without bloodletting.Leech should taste, and it was immediately removed.Allowed production of leeches to the affected area of ​​the skin or around it.

Myocardial infarction.Medical leeches put on the heart area of ​​the third, fourth and fifth intercostal spaces to the left of the heart.

Hemoptysis.Hemoptysis like tuberculosis and stagnant treated staging leeches around the anus.There also need to put them and nasal bleeding of various etiologies.

When hemoptysis allowed formulation of leeches on the next day, but only in the number one or two.The break between sessions, as usual, 3 or 4 days.If at one time put 3-4 leeches, the sessions are repeated after 4 days, or b.

Hirudotherapy - proven for centuries, fast and effective method of treating a number of diseases.But this method of care and prevention requires specific knowledge and careful observance of the rules of staging.If you are in doubt about something, or you is not enough in this book information, check with certified girudoterapevt, and if your illness has passed in the chronic form, and is now in the acute stage, are treated in clinics, girudoterapevt appropriate profile.

Anyone who decided to help yourself and your family with the help of medical leeches, especially beginners girudo therapists who will put leeches at home, you need to know the proven technology girudoterapii centuries.The more you know in this field, the faster and more efficient help themselves and others, and can subsequently be improved in their own experience girudoterapevt.

Today there are several training centers that prepare girudoterapevt.Some believe that the diploma "piyavochnika" can get a doctor.Dru Gia, of course, for a small sum, teach all comers.Course duration varies between one to three months.But it should be noted that almost all who come to these courses, started with home staging leeches.Helping yourself and loved ones, they were surprised to?

as easy and affordable.They wanted to help others, or certificate "piyavochnika" just gives an official the right to put them to other people, to engage in private practice and discover their own "rooms leeches."