Proper nutrition

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to live normally and develop the human body need to constantly spend energy and compensate for it by nutrients.In addition, food should come to us from the outside in order to supply the body with plastic substances, promote proper metabolism and maintain a constant internal environment.In this complex process must necessarily be a balance.If it fails, then it developed first functional disorder, and then the disease.

in prevention of many diseases revealed a growing role of the internal environment of the body.The most effective, proactive, offensive, t. E. The present, prevention should start (and implemented in the future) with the improvement of the internal environment and its protection from harmful influences before the formation and development of the disease.internal environment protection is designed to create the best conditions for the prevention of conditions that form the atherosclerotic process, neuro-psychological stress and nervous disorders, increase the body's resistance to infection

and other adverse factors acting on the person.

Nutrition beginning to be given to the various prophylactic properties in the fight against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

interest in nutrition has increased in connection with the pathology, which is currently being formed and expressed widespread.We are talking about diseases such as neurosis, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cancer, allergies and many other diseases.

It is recognized that the nature of power has a significant impact on the state of the body, the metabolism, the formation of a number of diseases and preventing their development.Power is increasingly seen not only as a means of saturation and meet energy needs and plastic materials, but also as a means to normalize metabolism - especially fat and cholesterol.

With proper, balanced diet can maintain an optimal state of the internal environment and a high level of health, whereas poor nutrition will inevitably develop disorders that form of the disease, which can become chronic, and in some cases - and irreversible.With the malnutrition most often associated diseases such as obesity, gout, gall and kidney stones, diabetes, atherosclerosis, gastric and bowel disease and many others.

Nutrition - an important regulator of metabolism.Sechenov believed that "to trace the fate of nutrients in the body - is to know the essence of vital processes in their entirety."

value of the relationship with the power of the internal environment state recognized and Pavlov.

Metabolic disorders - one of the most frequent causes of many disease states.

changing the nature of power, you can purposefully influence the nature of metabolism.Thus, the inclusion in the diet of vegetables and fruits allows to influence lipid and carbohydrate metabolism zhiroobrazovaniya downward and stabilizing bodyweight.

long been known that excessive sugar intake leads to increased zhiroobrazovaniya and the deposition of fat in the fat depot.Previously it was thought (and some experts now believe) that the formation of fat occurs only due to excess sugar consumption, ie. E. A person ate 100 extra grams of sweets and formed in the body the appropriate amount of fat.

However, all is not so simple here.If fat is formed in the body only at the expense of the sahapa, the situation would not be so threatening person.Impact of sugar on the body is that excessive changes its flow and disturbs the metabolism, wherein the hard fat is formed not only by incoming sugar, but also due to other nutrients.

known that food intake, poor in vegetables, fruits and dairy products, entails a violation of mineral metabolism characterized by increased formation of acidic components, the development of the body's acidotic shifts and formation of acidosis, rather not indifferent to the overall condition of the body and function of various systems.

At the same time the consumption of mainly milk-vegetable diet with extensive use of milk, milk products, vegetables and fruits alters mineral metabolism in the direction of increased formation of alkaline elements, t. E. The development of the body's alkaline shifts and formation alkalosis, which, althoughless than acidosis, yet may have some adverse effects on the organism.

When the rational construction of the diet, which combines in its composition food acid and alkaline orientation in the body ensures the necessary acid-base balance (which, incidentally, can not afford to restore any chewing gum or shampoos "five and five").

Even small changes in the diet can have a beneficial effect on some aspects of metabolism.Thus, enrichment of dietary lipotropic agents by systematically using nutritional curd, cream, vegetable oil and other foods rich lipotropic agents (methionine, phosphatides, essential fatty acids, and others.) Normalizes cholesterol metabolism, reduces the cholesterol content in the serum prevents obesityliver and, thus, it is the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Increased consumption of fats, rich in saturated fatty acids, as well as increased consumption of sugar in the background C-vitamin deficiency has the opposite effect: it increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and, thus, contributes to the development of atherosclerosis.Incidentally, we note that while not enough attention is paid to vitamin nutrition, though many people are showing signs of latent vitamin deficiency.

Under certain changes in the diet can give it antiblastomogennuyu, anticancer orientation.When incorporated into the diet products rich in antioxidants, and especially vitamin E, it is possible to increase the security of the organism from the effects of carcinogens, and thus make the body more resistant to carcinogens.

In particular, vitamin A can increase the body's resistance to carcinogens.There is evidence of the protective effect of vitamin A carcinogen induced skin cancer, gastrointestinal tract, throat and respiratory tract, the urinary system.

Therefore vitamin A property may acquire great importance in the diet.That is why it is necessary to carry out preventive vitamin A fortification of margarine and other edible fats.Such measures can not only enhance the anti-cancer protection, but also to eliminate vitamin A deficiency in the diet (especially in winter and spring).When the enrichment of food and lipotropic combination of antioxidant substances is also achieved antiblastomogenny effect.

Some foods may have an effect on certain systems of the body, enhancing and promoting the function of these systems.In some cases this step the food product is approaching pharmacodynamic effects of drugs.

Introduction to diet blueberry normalize intestinal function, wound up his frustration.Known properties raspberry cause sweating and to some extent normalize body temperature.

One could cite other data showing the power impact on the indoor environment.

However, the above examples are enough to consider the power not only as a means of providing energy and plastic materials necessary to sustain life, but also as a means of regulating the metabolism and provide the body with biologically active substances.

ability power to influence the metabolism and prevent the development of a number of diseases stimulated his persistent search for the best views and modes.

All of this is intended to ensure normal metabolism, normal physical condition of the body, high levels of health and productive efficiency.

The result of the search was the emergence of a number of theories of various types of food, ranging from more or less scientifically based and ending with various types of pseudo-scientific theories of power.

In Ayurveda food throughout the day agreed with the rhythms of nature.In ancient times, it was noticed that during the day cycle through three periods of 4 hours each.First period - peace (in the Hindu "Kafa"), the second - Energy Activity ( "Pitt"), the third - the motor activity ( "wool").These periods are associated with solar activity."Kafa" period (begins with sunrise) 6 to 10 hours.At the physiological level, there is calm and the body weight."Pitt" period lasts from 10 to 14 hours and has a high position of the sun."Digestive fire" At this time we are particularly hungry and in us is stronger (by analogy with the sun)."Vata" period lasts from 14 to 18 hours.The sun is red-hot earth, warmed air, all in motion - trees, water, air.This is a period of physical activity, the highest efficiency.Next is a repetition: 8 - 22 "Kafa", from 22 to 2 "Pitt" night with 2 nights to 6 am "wool".It is in this rhythm, according to ancient scholars living all over the world of plants and animals.

Based on these rhythms, Ayurveda provides the following recommendations regarding food during the day:

1. Get up during the "cotton wool" (motor activity) just before 6 am (local time).You will be active all day.Getting up, drink a glass of warm water."Vata" strengthens our bowels and helps to evacuate contents of the colon.

2. When the slight hunger - a fruity breakfast.

3. During the "Pitta" (especially from 12 to 14), when the digestive "fire" is particularly strong, eat the biggest in terms of food.Across the logic of things - it should be starchy foods and vegetables, which gives the maximum amount of energy.Then sit, preferably on their heels and breathe through right nostril - this will further enhance your digestive "fire", then 5 - 10 minutes, it is necessary to walk.

4. Between the end of the "Wat" - the beginning of "Kafa" (18 - 20 hours), a light dinner - just before sunset.Sun is reduced, and the "fire" of digestion decreases.During this period it is recommended to eat some protein foods,

to replenish spent energy costs per day.And take plenty of vegetables, it is better to learn.After dinner, to behave in the same way as in the afternoon.

We each have our own eating habits.One most loves fried potatoes, another - soup, fried chicken and a third.Do not judge strictly and those who greedily eats macaroni and cheese - in fact, we must admit, this dish is really tasty.

However, not every food that we like, is useful.For example, fried pies and chips almost no vitamins, but a lot of fat, which will certainly be reflected in the figure in the form of extra kilos.A fizzy drink with regular use increases the likelihood of obesity almost doubled, and increase bone fragility.

Therefore, your diet should be treated very carefully.In the end, the food - it is not only a means of satisfying hunger.Food - is primarily a source of substances that allow our body to work effectively, and therefore the source of our strength and energy.If the food is of poor quality, incomplete - it's impact on the health and appearance.

Therefore, food should be part of the expenses, which is not worth saving.The more absurd to deny yourself the full food and sit for weeks, for example, potatoes with a view to later buy expensive face cream.

Remember that beauty comes from within!And if the diet is not enough meat or fresh vegetables and fruits, it is sure to affect your appearance: hair will become dull, nails - brittle, face color - gray, and the skin begins to peel off.There can be no help either quality cream or a good shampoo.

But if you make your diet balanced, regular and moderate, you can assume that laid a solid foundation for health and beauty.And note - all without dieting and suffering!

A month later proper nutrition, you will notice that the skin was smooth, his face appeared a pleasant glow, hair is not whipped and have a smooth texture and pleasant figure postroynela.

body comes to life, and you will feel a surge of strength, vigor.In my heart there will be a desire to live and vivid sense of joy.You will get blooming and thus will cause the admiration of others.

And let friends, met in the street with an amazing woman, surprised to find it for you!

In order to eat properly, do not have to be a scientist-dietician.However, when entering a limited calories important to choose products to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

to a limited calorie intake did not arise the feeling of hunger and you can optimize your body's supply of vital substances, should be:

• pay attention to the right balance of essential nutrients;

• observe the principle of the ratio of carbohydrates and protein as a 3: 1;

• foods eaten half raw and half - cooked;

• use the "slow" and not "fast" carbohydrates;

• give preference to fat dwarfs, not giants;

• supplement nutrition vital substances.