Fragrant tea

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Tea Treatment

How to overcome the melancholy autumnal mood, want to know a lot.It was a short autumn and winter days with a deficit of heat and light for many begins a period of declining health and increased irritability.

And when everything is colored in gray, gloomy tone, use and enjoy the flavors.And you will not notice how your daily life would be joyful and colorful.It's so easy!

known that the way to good mood is and through the sense of smell.Experts believe that the best way to cheer up - inhale the essential oils of citrus.Ceramic aromasosud on the table, pleasing look beautiful shapes, bright lights, the glass Grape-frutovogo or orange juice can do wonders.

And if you like flavored tea, then you are not afraid of any autumn depression.The main thing - get their flavor.Teas for disposable brewing with flavorings are no longer a rarity.Their range is very diverse and will satisfy every taste and mood.

As a student I was a tourist trip to Romania.In Bucharest us late in the evening brought to the hotel whe

re dinner was served strange bags and thread them "annexed" a cup of boiling water.All with interest began to deploy them and considered, some immediately hid in her purse.For all the "ceremony" of the columns of the restaurant watching the waiters.

When still purpose sachets, it was clarified was brewed tea.It was a balmy, stunning drink with scent of bergamot.This fragrance, dim hall and a bright, unusual to our eyes lights advertising somewhere at the bottom left in the memory forever as something magical.

But back to our days.Now nobody will be surprised fragrant tea, but it is nice to be at a party where the hostess will treat you to tea with raspberries, peaches or strawberries.I for myself chose flavored tea brand "Princess Noori", they advised me to my friend - lover and connoisseur of tea.Now that everyone knows Ceylon tea.I probably will not be mistaken if I say that the tea "Princess Noori" represented the widest collection of aromas: bergamot, lemon, raspberry, raspberry with blackberry, black currant, strawberry, cherry, peach, apricot, apricot, peach, apple,apple with cinnamon, orange with a tangerine, mango, passion fruit Passion fruit or.Fifteen variants flavored tea bags.This is a great choice, and perhaps not all can rationally take advantage of the power of fragrance to complement the flavor of good tea.

If you sleep poorly, evening drink tea with bergamot and passion fruit.It is possible to add 1 teaspoon of honey.

Soothes and calms tea with citrus odor.Tea with lemon, orange, mandarin and suitable for adults and children.Allergic reactions to it does not happen.Tea with apple aroma is considered to be a good tool for atherosclerosis.The tea itself clears the body from cholesterol, and apple flavor enhances this effect.And if you want to have a good memory, your choice is to stay at the tea "apple with cinnamon."Warm, sweet-spicy flavor balsamy strengthens inspiration and encourage creativity.It eliminates the feeling of loneliness, fear and constraint.

For me, who grew up in the south, a cozy and homely atmosphere creates the smell of apricot and peach.This tea I love the most.My child prefers black currant in the tea.What do you choose - to think for yourself.

If tea is not enough to discharge you, use water treatments.Put 1-2 drops of lemon or rose oil to the sponge and rub it, standing under the shower.

You can take an aromatic bath.Add 10 drops of lavender oil or marjoram into warm water and soak for 15-20 minutes, adding hot water to keep cool, and rub dry with a towel or bathrobe yourself, place a large incandescent bulbs 1 drop of orange oil and inhale formed with aromatic vapors.You provided joy and vivid dreams.