Hygienic bases massage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

The massage is also necessary to have a table for massaging hands height of 0.8 m and a length of 0.6 m and a width of 0.35 m, cupboard for storage of soft furniture, first aid kit.

massage cabinet must be equipped with a sink with hot water and fashionable.Area determined by the rate of 8 m2 per massage couch, and at least 12 m2 per masseur.

The room temperature should be between + 20-22 ° C, relative humidity - less than 60%.Is important enough coverage: masseur eyes tired faster than muscle massaging hands, and that leads to general fatigue.Normally, the smallest artificial lighting at a level of 0.8 m above the floor when incandescent lamps should be 75 lux, while fluorescent lamps - 150 lux.

ventilation system should provide three times the change of air for 1 h.

massaged to requirements. Before the massage you need to take a warm shower.During the massage, the patient should be massaged muscles to relax as much as possible (this is one of the main requirements), to carry out all the addition

al instructions of the doctor and masseur.

to the masseur requirements. Masseur should sew good anatomy, physiological effects of massage techniques and individual as a whole, the basics of traumatology and therapeutic physical training.It is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of hands, cut nails short, shoot before the massage rings, watches, so as not to damage the skin massaged.Before the massage, should read the patient's history, its complaints, the mood, the flow characteristics of the pathological process.It helps to choose the techniques to clarify the nature of their conduct and dosage.

two basic conditions to ensure the proper execution of massage first must be strictly observed - the maximum relaxation of muscles in the massaged.The most complete muscle relaxation occurs when the limb bent at the joints at certain angles.Detailed condition called average physiological rest position. "For example, in the supine position for this state is achieved by diverting the upper extremity of the body shoulder 45, elbow flexion to 110 ° and the wrist at 95-100 °;to lower in the prone position - legs diverting from the vertical by 35 ° and flexion of the knee at an angle of 145 °.prevent muscle relaxation: the implementation of receiving cold hands, rough (jerky) movements;causing pain and cooling nemassiruemyh areas of the body.

second condition - this is a stable position massaged body parts.This requires a solid support in the form of a table of the couch on which the massaged area.To keep the sagging parts of the body in the air massage therapist should use rolls, bags his free hand, and so on. D.

quality of the massage to a large extent depends on the user-friendly, effortless position masseur!The most economical pose for him to be standing at the asymmetrical bearing surface.The center of gravity in this position moves closer to one leg, the other leg, lag a few back, supports the body's equilibrium.This is the starting position during operation should be changed to load the muscles of both legs alternately and combined sitting position.The importance of the massage masseur has the right rhythm of breathing.

It is believed that the therapist must have a great muscular strength.However, based on the work of the masseur is not strength, and the ability to rhythmically work both right and left hand, carry out frequent change of group working muscles, as well as good mobility in the wrist and finger joints.

Maccazhict must know and apply the laws of biomechanics nekotopye.The first law of the more leverage involved in the movement, the more muscles involved in it.In other words, to engage in the work of only those muscles that perform scheduled massage appointment.

second law consists in using levers of bone weight, i.e. as applied to enhance the action of muscle is not receiving voltage and their body weight.

third law reduced to the maximum use of arc motions at work, since the movement of the hands in the horizontal direction osevok leads to greater muscle tension than an arc.

Finally, the quality of the masseur work depends on the fineness of touch, the degree of muscular sense as a masseur hands are his "second pair of eyes."

lubricants. When wet skin and in severe scalp massaged have used different substances that make the skin more slippery and protects it from irritation and injury.These properties have the most talc.It absorbs sweat, making nizhu smooth, non-irritating, much less clog its pores than, for example, petrolatum.Talc and consume a small amount (the therapist puts him only coccyx fingers, then rubs across the palm).It is recommended to use talc when the "moving" techniques, that is, with partial stroking and rubbing.

As recently as lubricants began to use vegetable oils:. Burdock, olive, cedar, peach, etc. They are giving effect skolkopiya well absorbed into the skin, increases its turgor.all kinds of warm-up funds are used in medical and sports massage types.They slip, promote the rapid flushing of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, reduce inflammation, pain in the injured area.The best of them are cardamom, ipfleks and other methods of their application as follows:. Massaged on the surface in the middle of a massage a thin layer of ointment, which is followed by massage techniques rubbed into the skin.If necessary, after the massage is applied dry bandage or compress.