Indications and contraindications of massage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

Massage Children should not be prolonged and vigorous, that is necessary to take account of their reactivity and tenderness of the skin.

When individual nosological forms of diseases and injuries of massage is used only on prescription.The methodology in this case must be strictly differentiated depending on the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical form of the disease in the process.

Relative contraindications - it contraindications to massage certain areas of the body.Provide all, much less give them a response extremely difficult.For example, you can not massage the area where there is an abrasion of the skin, tubular bones of limbs fracture site in the first few days after injury, when the stomach hernia, gallstones, kidney and bladder, during menstruation and pregnancy.

Massage is done not earlier than one hour after a meal;should observe the same time break after the procedure.

In all cases of doubt, the therapist should consult with your doctor.

Absolute contraindications:

1) acute febrile illness;

2) acute inflammation;

3) bleeding, bleeding, scurvy;

4) blood diseases;

5) purulent processes of any localization;

6) skin diseases (fungal or infectious etiology);

7) acute inflammation, thrombosis and significant varicose veins with trophic disorders;

8) endarteritis, complicated by trophic disorders and gangrene;angiitis;

9) atherosclerosis of peripheral and cerebral vessels, accompanied by cerebral crises;

10) vascular aneurysm;

11) inflammation of the lymph nodes;

12) with an allergy and other hemorrhagic rash, bleeding in the skin;

13) active tuberculosis;

14) syphilis stage I and II;

15) abdominal disease with a tendency to bleed I;

16) chronic osteomyelitis;

17) benign and malignant tumors of various localization;

18) mental illness with excessive excitation and significantly altered the psyche;

19) acute pain of various etiologies, requiring the appointment of the drug;

20) during the postoperative period:

a) acute cardiovascular insufficiency;

b) pulmonary embolism;

c) kidney and liver failure;

g) common acute allergic skin reactions (urticaria).

should be noted that in some cases contraindications for massage are temporary, and after acute inflammation, fever and so on. D. Massage can be used, as well as after radical removal of tumors.Along with this, in conditions such as vascular aneurysms, blood diseases, angiitis, massage contraindicated in all cases.

When skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, is not contraindicated massage apparatus.For minor skin lesions, varicose veins can be massaged distant from the place of injury, such as neck area.