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August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Proper nutrition is undoubtedly the key to health and well-being, without which it is difficult to achieve harmony of shapes and maximum performance.As we already know, prevention of obesity is closely related to a balanced diet.If the weight of an adult for a long time does not change, indicating that under the amount of energy produced in the body as a result of food processing, energy costs.If caloric food exceeds the daily requirement of 5%, that for a year a person can put on a body weight of 5-10 kg.

Every healthy person is obliged to monitor the weight of your body and its increase to take measures aimed at weight loss, limit the amount of caloric foods in the diet, as well as to try to move more.

But start with the caveats.

caution first: everything is good in moderation.

Strangely enough, in our "society overeating" are also many cases of disease or death from insufficient or poor nutrition.

Studies show that healthy, those who are well fed three times a day, but maintains a good weight th

rough exercise and. diet

not drain the body, as there is a tendency to voluntary consumption of a small amount of calories sometimes it gives poor results

One of the most common forms of malnutrition among the wealthy -... described in the literature anorexia nervosa this disease sometimes affects younggirls. They exhaust themselves, sharply restricting food, sometimes even seek to cause vomiting. This requires

immediate skilled help of a psychologist. But there is another kind of violations in the diet, which is not known, although it is more dangerous in some cases, becauseIt can imperceptibly affect perfectly healthy person.

A case with twelve highly marathon runners set new personal bests speed or distance.All of them have died mostly during sleep.At the time of the death of their weight was equal to or close to the minimum for an adult.All of them are severely restricted diet, consuming only the most necessary amount of calories, fat and other substances.

Apparently, the fact that they ate so little that the heart does not have enough energy to work in conditions of great physical exertion.This led to cardiac arrest.

Thus, people of medium build, run on average distances less likely than those who do not adhere to the average values ​​in everything, including in health training.

The conclusion from all of this - the harmony.If you run or swim long distances, or raise the amount of load, so as to be increased and the need for food, otherwise you will suffer from its lack.

In any case, for most people to find a better amount of exercise, which would support the body in proper shape.

Moreover, we must remember that the load characteristic of the elite athletes, people less prepared simply exhausted.

food - is the fuel for our body.And the body, including the brain, is made up of engines and computers that allow us to work and to participate in the relationship at the highest level of sensitivity and efficiency.

When malnutrition is disturbed this balance of calories and energy resources are relatively low, and you can often experience fatigue.

Even if you do not feel tired during the day and "will make it" until the evening, after dinner, feel that were completely without power.As a result, not be able to enjoy spending an evening with family or friends.

hooking something on the go or forget about the everyday hustle and bustle and you become irritated by minor occasions and lose the ability to concentrate.

second Caution: do not rush, but do not depart

Not very useful to follow the diet for a month and then quit.

Experience shows that if you need to "lose" a few kilos, control cholesterol levels or achieve a healthy weight, you need to be consistent, otherwise necessarily fail.

Inconsistent approach to diet, I would call the "effect Roly-Poly" - after all this is accompanied by the following: weight of a person jumping up and down as the person begins to use throws or diet.

sad fact that 90 percent of people who have decided to follow the program limits, abandoning her and soon returned to the same level at which to begin.

Further complicating the situation is that after a low-calorie diet (for example, 500 calories per day), you will gain weight faster, even if you consume fewer calories than before the diet.The fact that the body after the low-calorie diet reconstructs metabolism so as to maintain the same weight of a lower amount of calories.

Reduced metabolic rate, leading to rapid weight gain may be a full year after completion of low-calorie diets remain unchanged.That is why many after frequent use of restrictive diets nevertheless complain that gain weight even more than before.

To avoid all this, we must constantly adhere to a restrictive diet and combine it with exercise.

is unreasonable and impractical to become a sort of "Roly-Poly" in relation to its weight.This even more so there is no need, if you follow the basic principles of "slim" diet, which we describe below.

Thus, the balance in the body, leading to health begins with the food that we eat.

Let us examine in more detail the balance between the three pillars of power.50 percent of calories consumed each day, it is necessary for products containing mainly carbohydrates.They have an energy charged to the greatest extent, moreover, they contain many vitamins and minerals that are important for health, fibers, facilitating good digestion and reducing the risk of bowel cancer.

Most carbohydrate foods contain a lot of water.Water - one of the main components of metabolism.

combination of water and fiber creates such amount of food, which gives a feeling of satiety, preventing overeating.At this relatively low amount of calories.

For example, in a small orange or apple is only 50 calories, and a small potato or a piece of bread - 70. Compare these low-calorie foods with high-protein steak

(800 calories) or a sweet caramel (200 Kcal).These numbers are useful to know those who are carefully watching their weight and wants to limit their calorie food.

Carbohydrates are the basis of such food products, such as fresh fruit, fruit juices, fresh vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, corn, wholemeal bread and porridge, made from oats, brown rice and dishes from the bran.

Always prefer products wholemeal white flour because they contain more fiber and nutrients.

advisable to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in fiber.

By the way, if you follow these tips, try to avoid overly salty foods.

recommended a balanced diet with the appropriate amount of vitamins will help to find and maintain an ideal weight.

second group of food products is of great importance for the health, as they supply our body proteins.Protein foods provide us with energy resources, which will be set in motion when the "burn" carbohydrates.

Protein foods should make up about 20 percent of daily calories.These include fish, poultry, veal, lean beef, lamb, pork, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, dried peas and beans.

Eat mostly recommended lean beef, lamb and pork, as well as choose cheeses with the lowest fat content.

The same applies to milk and yogurt.In many cases, preferably fish, poultry or veal as basic protein sources, as they contain less fat than beef or pork.

The best way to reduce the fat content in food to a minimum - avoid fried foods, sauces, gravies, an abundance of dessert dishes, sausages and even a large amount of meat.

also useful to restrict the consumption of margarine, mayonnaise and salad dressings.

It is not only the amount of fat, but also their quality.

Vegetable fats that are part of corn oil, vegetable margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressings, nuts and seeds, rather than animals, which many in the butter, sour cream, milk products, fatty meat and bacon.

If you are overweight, begin immediately to develop the principles of dietary harmonious human nutrition to lose weight.

These principles are in some sense represent a return to the natural diet of our ancestors, they allow the body to function at maximum efficiency.

Do not reinvent the business such as, eg, prepositions: "I just do not energetic person" or "I'm not so young."

No matter how you were born.

You can always become slim and energetic if you pay more attention to your body.

When using all possible diets, if you want to lose weight, be guided by the following principles.