Drink tea to your health!

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Tea Treatment

is unique and wonderful aromatic bouquet properly brewed tea.Taste and curative this drink.There is in him something extraordinary, a miracle, if you are tired, tea will give you strength, revive the idea, dispel the dream;if it is cold - warm, but if it's hot - bring coolness.Tea is particularly effective as a means of disease prevention, emerging against the background of hypothermia.After all, he has also antimicrobial action.Tea can relieve a person from painful headaches, lethargy and dizziness.Much "knows" this is truly a magical drink, enclosing the entire pharmacy, laid by nature in the tea leaf.

Everybody loves tea.But everyone knows how to brew it?

Often drink tea and tea leaves still left "for later" and several times topped the teapot.Sometimes it is even the next day.This tea, of course, does not turn into a "poison rattlesnake" as vividly told in one eastern proverb, and tea in the full sense of the word, he is not.It is not only loses its taste and aroma.It reduces the amount of vitamins

caffeine content increases, purine, and other compounds.Uses this tea will bring;Moreover, some people may be hurt.It is not toned, and the overly excites the nervous and cardiovascular systems.A surplus of purine bases, accumulated in "yesterday's tea" very unfavorable for gout sufferers.

Tea well relieves headaches caused by the fatigue.

If you have a headache, do not rush to take pills.Have a better cup of strong tea, it contains about 0.05 grams of caffeine as in a tablet-kofena feast.But the action on the body of caffeine dissolved in tea, and is softer and more beneficial than chemically pure drug.If the headache is caused by narrowing of the blood vessels, such as, for example, in atherosclerosis, no tea or caffeine preparations do not bring relief, moreover, the headache may increase.This, however, does not mean that in atherosclerosis and hypertensive disease should completely abandon the tea.Typically, such patients rather weak drink in moderation is not contraindicated.

But glaucoma patients taking caffeine and tea should not be, because caffeine causes vasodilation eyes, and this leads to an increase in intraocular pressure.

There are people who drink tea in order to boost performance.And systematically and in large quantities.Time passes, and the body gets used to caffeine.Usual dose it becomes no longer as effective.And the man increased from time to time tea fortress.Sooner or later, he comes to the critical level of caffeine consumption, the excess of which is beginning to have a toxic effect on the body and, above all, on the heart.After tea there is, for example, a sharp heart palpitations.Of course, a passion for strong tea (theism) is not as scary as, say, an addiction to alcohol.But get rid of it as soon as possible.Otherwise theism in conjunction with other adverse effects on the heart muscle (smoking, alcohol) will cause degenerative changes in her.Reduce the caffeine content in tea can, reducing its concentration.To do this, add milk tea.Get a tasty and pleasant drink.