Baths for better figures

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Bani long recognized as a means of improving the figure and powerful revitalizing agent.

distinguished Russian bath with steam room, which is supported by 45-60 degrees air temperature, relative humidity of 75-100% and dry air (Roman-Irish, Greek, Turkish, Finnish, etc.), Where the air temperature 70-90 degrees relative humiditylow - 10-25%.

Dry-air bath, for example, Finnish (sauna), is less load on the body effect than a steam bath.In healthy people, the use of a sauna helps to improve thermoregulation mechanisms, their training and hardening, the maintenance on the proper level of metabolic processes, increase the overall resistance of the organism.

Influence baths on the human body is multifaceted.With hot air for 30 minutes to 1500 g stands sweat that facilitates removal of body waste and other waste products.During the procedure of bath killed microbes on the human body.The skin looks younger after a bath, it becomes elastic, resilient, improving its functionality.The skin, like muscles, need co

nstant exercise, and a bath in this sense is a wonderful tool.

Hot air bath has a significant impact on the respiratory system - breathing becomes rapid and more profound.

Under the influence of high temperature activates blood circulation process, changes blood pressure, increased heart rate (120 beats per minute to 170 when using the broom).However, after the pair pulse for 8-10 minutes it bounces back.

Research Austrian and Russian doctors have shown that bath procedure may well be equated to physical exercise.Thus, stay in the bath for 12 minutes at 90 degrees replaces load, running at 300 meters.

Knowledge of the effect on the organism of various kinds of cyclic exercise allows you to choose the right health program depending on the state of health, age and level of physical fitness.

for a more versatile effects on the body, elimination of monotony activities and adaptation to habitual physical activity and during the many years of training and a belt it is advisable to switch from one type of cyclic exercise to another, or use them together.

For example, skiers in winter can completely switch to the sport (including participation in competitions), and in the summer be sure to use regular running workout.Only classes year-round recreational exercise can be effective for the prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

You can also use simulators - devices that mimic certain types of aerobic exercise, and you can practice without leaving the premises.

most effective workout for the cardiovascular system and reduce overweight is considered a "treadmill", the least - bike (ergometer)."Rowing" and "ski" simulators occupy an intermediate position.

Without a balanced diet, no exercise and proper rest do not improve their health.Without proper nutrition just do not have enough energy for regular physical exercise.A balanced diet - the foundation on which rests our physical and emotional well-being.This is a solid foundation that allows you to achieve harmony.