Exercising in the pool

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

human body according to the law of Archimedes loses in water approximately 9/10 of its weight, easier implementation of a slow flowing movements are facilitated static position.The difference between the hydrostatic pressure on the feet (100-120 g per sq. Cm) and thorax (10-15 grams per sq. Cm) improves the conditions for the functioning of the cardiovascular system.Performing specially selected exercises in the aquatic environment helps to normalize muscle tone, has a regulating effect on the central and peripheral blood circulation machine, sympathetic-adrenal system, psycho-emotional state.

Depending on the assigned task exercises in the water, you can achieve the effect of relaxation of muscles of the trunk and extremities, activation of blood circulation and bioelectric activity of the neuromuscular system or, conversely, decrease the functional state of these systems.In dealing with the disappearance or marked reduction in general fatigue.

Permissible water temperature range is wide enough - 24-3

6 degrees.When performing exercises in warm water (28-36 degrees), there is some analgesic effect, facilitated movement in the presence of pain, significantly reduced reflex excitability and muscle spasticity.

duration of physical exercise in the pool 30-45 minutes, the amount of total physical activity in the procedure of "small to medium".The procedure consists of introductory, basic and final sections.It includes general developmental exercises, breathing and helps to relax tense muscle groups, unloading and stretching the spine, exercises with elements facilitating or burdening with dosed effort.The work involved consistently small, medium and large muscle groups.

strictly observes the principle of load dissipation.They use a variety of exercises in the pool handrail at different depths using floating equipment, water dumbbells, present-fins and gloves for the feet.

applied exercises from various starting positions, lying down, standing up in the water;sitting on a suspended chair, simulating mixed and pure and so visy. d. Keep in mind that most pull-view exercise is swimming in some style.

A range of physical exercise in the water should not be replaced by just swimming swim, since the use of only the last type of exercise makes it impossible to have a meaningful impact on the body.Methods kinezogidroterapii varies depending on the characteristics of individual response to exercise, subjective and objective data assessing the impact of physical exercise on the body.