Useful and therapeutic properties of grinding

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

concept of reception. Rubbing is to shift or stretch fabrics in different directions.When grinding Massage system hand should move, slipping the skin and does not slide on it.Other slashes, rubbing - this tissue massage through the skin.At the reception given to the average 30-40% of the time.

physiological effects.Offset and tensile tissue leads to increased blood flow due to vasodilation and blood flow to accelerate them.wherein the skin temperature increases by 1,5-3 ° C.It is delivered to the tissues more oxygen, nutrients and bioactive substances, and quickly removed from the tissue metabolic products.This rubbing action is widely used in the form of any massage.In the recovery massage treatment after exercise rubbing increases blood circulation, promotes more rapid oxidation of incompletely oxidized products of metabolism in tissues and their removal from the body.The therapeutic massage rubbing helps accelerate resorption of hardness, pathological deposits and accumulation of fluid in the ti

ssues, stretch scars, adhesions under the skin adhesions, and so on. N. Vigorous rubbing improves contractile function and muscle tone.

Rubbing is the main reception at massage sick or healthy joints, in case of overload, trauma and microtrauma at which often occur in the joints changes that lead to pain and reduced motion in joints.

Grinding reduces the excitability of the central nervous system.When neuritis and neuralgia deep rubbing along the nerve trunks or in areas of nerve endings decreases pain.

Species reception 1 ) rubbing fingertips;2) rubbing the base of the palm;3) grinding the back surface of the fingers;4) sawtooth grinding.

performance technique. Rubbing fingertips thanks to their high tactile sensitivity is a versatile technique, and the most difficult in the technical implementation.Brush placed on the massaged area so as to create a good support for the base of the palm, which

must be maintained throughout the implementation of the reception.Fingers to relax as much as possible, and then to bend and straighten the fingers II-V in all interphalangeal joints and the skin at the same time to move on, and then on my own (fingers should not slide, stroking the skin, as if they are glued to it).At the time of bending the pressure with fingertips to the massaged area of ​​the skin increases and decreases in extension, and hand masseur massaged area by moving in any direction, but more often by himself.So runs option rubbing fingertips with a straight promotion for whatever massaged area.If a straight-rubbing fingertips add circular movement at the maximum circumference (depending on the mobility of the skin massaged area), such species is universal.

Thus, the circular movement made by bending the friction and lateral displacement, and then straightening interphalangeal joints in the fingers, while the massaged area on the surface as it is drawn from the skin simultaneously helix offset.Finger pressure force increases as they bend and distal phalanges become vertical with respect to skin location, and decreases as they unbend and distal phalanx acquire a horizontal position (at which point fingers move slowly across the skin).

Features of the movement according to the massaged area are as follows:

When rubbing one hand other hand masseur can maintain or fix the massaged area of ​​the body to promote better muscle relaxation.

When rubbing two hands circular movements are performed: the right hand clockwise, left - counterclockwise and necessarily for the purpose of alternately vzaimokompensatsii stretched areas of skin massaged.

Trituration with weights one hand takes the position, normal for a circular rubbing fingertips, and the other is placed on top so that her fingers increases the pressure of the distal phalanges lower arms.

Rubbing individual fingers mainly used for massage hands, feet and small-muscle volume.

most common errors while receiving the following:

1) rough, painful rubbing;

2) glide over the skin, which reduces the effect of receiving the action;

3) rubbing your fingers straight, which is tedious for the masseur;

4) the loss of the support base of the palm, which increases the energy of the masseur;

5) constant finger-pressure force (small or large);

6) redundant power brush, causing discomfort and pain;

7) simultaneous movement phase when rubbed with both hands, leading to hyperinflation and skin discomfort have massaged.

Rubbing base of the palm of one, two hands and with the weights is that the therapist puts the base of palms on a massed area and performs a circular motion.Hands massage therapist must be rectified in the elbow joints, support for the reception are actually the shoulder joints.

When the ramp rubbing both hands elbow or radial edges brush pressed against the massaged area, and then perform the sawing motion of hands (one hand is over, the other away from you).In this case the hands can slide over the skin.Feeling the heat from massaged depends on the pressure and displacement skin.

When grinding the back surface fingers brush (brush) poluszhimayut into a fist and press it (them) to the massaged area middle phalanges II to V, drawing on the I toes.Then make a circular motion, as described above.

basic error of these species are similar errors when rubbing fingertips.

In carrying out all kinds of rubbing fingers and brush massage therapist should not unnecessarily strain, or rubbing is painful and tedious massaged for a masseur.