Women's tea

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Tea Treatment

Under this name I mean herbal tea, which is necessary for every woman in special situations: in the period of pre-menstrual tension, and after a serious car ride, and after any uneasy day.

This is saving a drink that would return force and improve mood.It has long been common cuff and raspberry plants were considered feminine: keep youth and beauty, health and mood support.Many medicinal properties are the two common, it can be said of domestic plants.They regulate hormone levels and sugar is purified by toxins, and to have softer bowel means.

cuff tea brew in a thermos at the rate of 1 tablespoon per cup of boiled water, and drink as you like painful menstruation, climacteric neurosis, flushing, dizziness.

raspberry leaves pour cold water at the rate of 1 teaspoon per cup of water and bring to a boil.Let sit for 15-20 minutes.Drink with berries, mashed with sugar.Tasty and healthy.

Maybe you prepare the collection and will use my "complex" tea helping seven troubles.It consists of the flowers of lav

ender, hops, St. John's wort and linden blossom.This tea is a very strong smell.Its smell like the smell of perfume, but, convinced of the benefits of predayuzhennogo drink, notice this flaw you will not be.

must say that flavored drinks have special powers.This is due to the influence of odorous compounds of plants on the central nervous system, the immune system.Using scents for therapeutic purposes at the beginning of the century called aromatherapy. this term and not only he, but its embodiment in practice become a reality.

must say that aromatherapy is effective, it is gentle and even pleasant treatment.Therefore, German and Japanese specialists healing scents referred to medicine of the XXI century.By linking the best traditions of traditional medicine with the latest developments of our time, this kind of treatment brings you closer to what is implicitly lives in every human being, but, alas, in a series of everyday life can not be realized - to the origins of all the forces - Nature!

main active principle of aromatherapy are essential oils of plants.They relieve anxiety, improve people's attitudes to each other.In the Donetsk University during the winter session examined the effect of odors.In the training room, where sprayed an essential oil of anise, students received higher marks due to the fact that it is not afraid of the teacher and were able to show their skills in the best way.

And another very important property of essential oils - is the ability to kill bacteria and increase the body's defenses, that is, they are essential in the period of acute respiratory diseases.It was found that within 20 minutes after the spraying of eucalyptus oil, wormwood, Monarda (which is bactericidal ™ champion among plants) in the room decreases the number of pathogenic bacteria.

Do you want to be calm and sensible - drinking herbal teas.In one of my books chapter called "In the glass ... a blooming meadow."In it, I tipped recipes, relieves stress and tension in women of different ages.Wonderful product - scented tea.Drink it in the evening with honey or berries.Its composition should be related to your condition.If you are an elderly person and mood you sometimes very bad, then drink tea, relieving depression.Prepare its case.

Take hawthorn flowers, chamomile flowers, and St. John's wort, mix, not grinding to a powder.1 teaspoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, cover and let stand for 15-20 minutes.Strain and drink slowly, as if dissolving.

Drink this tea before bedtime and month, and two ... and you will feel a zest for life.Is not that enough?

A very young girl, dejected problems at school because of unimportant estimates and tired of adult psychological pressure, lost his appetite and became nervous and irritable, prepare tea from lemon balm, nettle deaf and dandelion root.

Grind herbs, roots lightly fry and grind in a coffee grinder, brew light tea (1 teaspoon to 1 cup of boiling water) in a thermos and kept it there 2 3 hours.It is necessary to drink several cups a day, preferably at night, at least 3 weeks.

good result, which will surely come, and will give more confidence that "everyone" in case she has a reliable tool and that its "tea" will not fail.