Useful and therapeutic properties of the mummy

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Shilajit

Some scientists believe that the mummy , or, as is sometimes referred to as "mineral wax," is a part of the wild honey bee products, has received the name "mummy asil" or "mumiyon," "mummies".This product is used in folk medicine since ancient times.On the healing properties of the mummy I knew and wrote Avicenna (ibnSina).

In folk medicine, ancient mummy was used in a variety of traumatic injuries.In recent years, attracted the attention of mummy and physicians.

In Uzbekistan, a special expedition involving geologists and physicians to seek mummy was organized.Balm Central Mountains was discovered in a cave at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters above sea level.

blossomed in recent years the word "mummy" in newspapers and magazines, which are called miraculous balm elixir.Indeed, there is an opinion in the past, the peoples of the East, and now the mummy as a remedy widely used in some Asian countries.This attracted the attention of Soviet medics, led them to study balm.

first extensive cycle of scient

ific research was the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine Tashkent surgeon A. Shakirov Sh.The doctor examined the mummy, tested its effect on animals and clinical bone fractures.The high efficiency of the drug, which contributes to the successful healing of fractures, and improves the general condition of patients.Shakirov Research initiated a scientific study of mummies and in other areas of medicine.Interest in the mummy - odorous, resinous substance produced in the mountains, - increases from year to year.Ancient physicians attributed to him many healing properties.Now in our country some clinics mummy are also used to promote healing of bone fractures and treatment of other diseases.However, until now the origin remains a mystery mummy.On this account, there are many hypotheses.Some researchers have linked the nature of it as a honey of wild bees, mulberry juice, juniper, and even dung of various animals.

Extract from the doctoral thesis of A. Shakirov Sh (stored in the Lenin Library in Moscow).

... According to the ancient physicians, highest quality mummy - black, shiny and soft.It smells like oil, but has a particular odor.Under the mummy they understand the various natural formations on the walls of caves similar to the tar substances ... or they report that the bees seal their honey and wax, and a tap-hole cover sealed the place with something black, with the pungent smell of grass, like a wax or ...mummy made from herbs ... or is it the product of fermentation of manure ...

currently, there are several theories of origin of the mummy, one oil and one nutrient (decomposition extract slurry of various animals, the expansion of juniper resin, lichens and other plants, the expansion of the waxwild bees).So far, the expeditions of Soviet specialists determined that the mummy - wandering type of brown to black in color with a specific sharp odor.Balm seeps out of rock fractures, accumulated in the vaults and walls of the caves, often hanging from the ceiling dark icicles.

Over 70 sources of reports about the mummy found in A. Shakirov Sh past literature.Shilajit, as indicated in the Oriental Manuscripts, gives strength to the whole body, especially the heart.It was used as liver disease, stomach, tuberculosis, asthma, paralysis, inflammatory processes, also helps in case of poisoning, scorpion bites, ulcers, bladder, elephantiasis, stuttering, lethargy bodies resolves tumor, normalizes function of internal and external bodies, enhances sexualactivities, helps with headaches, migraines, diabetes, has a general strengthening effect on the body.But mostly it contributes to the successful healing of bones and wounds."Only mummy saves from death", - reads the ancient Eastern proverb.

Shilajit - bitter taste solid mass of dark brown or black in color with a shiny surface.When heated, softened mummy.The structure of this product contains a lot of organic substances and a variety of trace elements.This viscous sticky mass, the heat softens the hands, has a resinous peculiar smell, soluble in water with little sediment.

mummy in its composition contains about 28 chemical elements, 30 macro- and microelements, as well as 10 different metal oxides, 6 amino acids, some vitamins -. B12, P-617, B, etc., essential oils, bee venom, tar-like substanceeach of which is capable of influencing the relevant metabolic processes, enhance regenerative processes in different tissues.As an anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, general tonic and restorative reduced function of the peripheral nerve trunks or analizatorskih centers of the brain positively involved in the biosynthesis of the cell's DNA, which leads to an increased division and an increase in the number of cells.

Shilajit therapeutic effect on a lot of diseases, and this means the mechanism of action appears to be very complicated, many-sided effect on the entire functioning of the organism, on its various processes, etc.(E.g., any pharmaceutical medicine combined a 5- -6 elements selected artificially chemically, but here there are 50, the nature of the components chosen).To determine the quality of his mummy mauled - good at the same time quickly softens, and poor quality remains solid.

Shilajit is a low toxic substance, ingestion .50 mg / kg or intravenous administration and subcutaneous mumie 4% solution at 250 mg / kg did not cause toxicity in experimental animals no symptoms.Shilajit has a bactericidal action and bekteriostaticheskim.Under the influence of reception mummy enhanced mineral metabolism, accelerates the healing of bone fractures, callus formed at 8-17 days earlier than usual.

The Uzbek Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics conducted studies on the possible use of the mummy for therapeutic purposes in humans.Observations of a large group of patients with ulcers informatsirovannymi et al. Showed that the mummy has a high curative effect.

Shilajit not only contributed to more rapid healing and callus formation, but also in patients with normal blood, the general condition improves, there is a good sleep, appetite, pain disappear quickly is a restoration of the affected limb function.

Shilajit appointed 1 time per day in the morning on an empty stomach at a dose of 0.15-0.20 course of treatment - 10 days, after which it is recommended to make a break: for 5-10 days, then the treatment can be repeated again.The number of courses varies from 3 to 4.

mummy Doses for children: from 3 months to 1 year - 0.01 1 0.02 g to 9 years - 0.05 g, 9-14 years - 0,1 g per day.

Medicinal properties mummy subject to supervision of a doctor in one a number of medical institutions in the country.Over the years, continues to study the mummy at the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute (LHFI, at the department of pharmacology and pharmacy technology of medications), as well as in Moscow KhPhI and in the cities of Tashkent, Dushanbe, Samarkand and OE

This means expensive especially often used inthe People's medicine and clinics in Tajikistan, Tashkent and the Caucasus.

With regular and proper application of the mummy success will always be provided.In folk medicine mummy size of a grain of wheat (0.15-0.2 g), and assign it to 1-2 times a day, usually at bedtime.

During treatment, mummy, drink alcohol is contraindicated.

contraindications for use is not in moderation mummy, but on the contrary, positive zaschitnoadaptogennye properties, relieve tiredness and act on the general strengthening the human body, contribute to adding and restore the lost strength and energy.

number of researchers recently said that because mummy includes biologically active substances, to the extent the use of this product is contraindicated in patients at an advanced age, considering that these biologically active substances develop (multiply) cells suspected tumor, if present in the bodyold people.

most precious drug mummy vital proved itself over a number of centuries, and its use is scientifically proved experimenters clinical use on patients.

It is applied directly inside the cooking juice, water, honey, tea, milk and so on. D. Due to its good solubility

estate.It is used as external lubrication, burying with various juices, alcohol, honey and so on. D.

Below we give the dosage and application of the mummy against a number of diseases that are achieved good results.