Stuttering Treatment folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Shilajit

We do not fully understand the causes of stuttering, but something about it know.Often, a family feature and is more common in boys.This means that it is easier to develop in some people.Sometimes, as if it begins in those children who retrain with the left hand to the right.The plot of the brain that controls speech is closely associated with the hand, which prefers to use people.If you force him to use his other hand, it's as if affects the nervous mechanism that controls speech.

We know that stuttering has a direct bearing on the child's emotional state.Most often, the nervous stutter, children experiencing stress.Some stutter only when excited or only when talking to some one man.Here are a few examples.The little boy started to stutter when his newborn sister brought back from the hospital.He apparently did not show his jealousy.I do not try to hit her or pinch.He just started to get nervous.A girl of two and a half years, beginning to stutter when he left someone from relatives.The girl loved him,

and he spent a lot of time with his family.Two weeks later, the stuttering ceased temporarily.But then the family moved to a new home, the girl really missed the old and start again at any time to stutter.Two months later, his father was drafted into the army, and the whole family was very upset.The girl began to stutter again.Mother told the children stutter much stronger when they are mothers, tense and nervous.It seems to me, are especially prone to stuttering children with whom the whole day talking, anything they are told, forced themselves to speak and recite, to show their talents.Stuttering may start when his father decides to more strictly monitor the child's behavior.

why stuttering often occurs between two and three years?There are two possible explanations.This is the age when a child is very hard it develops.When he was younger, I used short sentences over which need not to think: "Look: the machine", "I want to walk", etc.But when he passes two years, he is trying to build longer sentences to express new ideas.It is three or four times starting bid, but stopped because it can not find the right words.Mom, tired of his constant chatter, does not pay attention to it.She absently replied: "Yes, yes" - and continues to do their own thing.The child feels even more confused by the fact that failed to seize the audience.

also possible that the obstinacy, constituting a feature of this difficult period of development, too, in some way associated with the appearance of this particular speech.

What stuttering. do you get upset if you or someone from the next of kin has gone through a long and difficult struggle with stuttering.But there is no cause for alarm.I think nine out of ten children who begin to stutter between the ages of two and three years, in a few months, get rid of this shortcoming.Only in exceptional cases, stuttering becomes chronic.Do not try to correct the child's speech and to think about the special treatment to two and a half years.Think about what can be explained by its intensity.If it is frustrating that he breaks up with you for a few days, try for a few months will not part with it.If you feel that you and he talked too much, or were forced to speak it, refrain from doing so.Play with him, doing anything, not to mention about anything.Does he have enough opportunities to play with other children, he likes?It is enough if he has toys and equipment in the house and on the street, so that he could invent your own game without your intervention?I'm not saying that you should not ignore it, but behave with them calmly and give him the initiative.When he talks to you, listen to, he was not angry.If he feels jealous, think about what you can do to fix it.In most cases, stuttering lasts a few months, with the strengthening and weakening.Do not expect that it will immediately disappear;satisfied with the gradual progress.If you can not understand yourself, what is the reason, talk to a child psychiatrist.Not to be confused with stuttering tongue-tied.

Some schools and hospitals there are special classes for older children.This helps often, but not always.Especially valuable are classes for school-age children who want to be helped.If the child is nervous, it is better to consult beforehand with a child psychiatrist, to try to establish the cause of nervous tension and eliminate it if possible.

1. Need mummy mix with honey in the ratio 1: 5, 1: 8, 0.2 g of extract.Treatment should be done in 4 months.

2. When stuttering tongue smeared with honey mummy solution.