Restorative massage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Massage

restorative massage - is massage, which is used for more rapid recovery of motor performance and remove feelings of fatigue.

Tasks restorative massage:

1) restore motor efficiency;

2) to remove the feeling of fatigue;

3) prepare the body for upcoming physical exertion.

Restorative massage is done after the event or training, and in the intervals between them.The duration of treatment, as well as the depth and intensity of the massage must be individual for each athlete.When it is necessary to consider the appointment of sport applied load, the functional state of the athlete, the value of the massaged surface and develop muscular system.Duration common session restorative massage is an average of 40-60 minutes (with a body weight of 60 kg - 40 min, 75 kg - 50 kg 100 - 60 min).

restorative massage is most effective in carrying out daily, at least twice-session.

first session or closest restorative massage, lasting 10-15 minutes performed 15-20 minutes after exercise to reduce excitatory CN

S processes and reduce muscle tone.Used mainly kneading techniques combined with stroking, wallow and by shaking.To massage the back and muscles perform basic load.Areas of the body are massaged in the following order: back, both back and front surfaces of the lower limbs (in the position massaged lying on the back), the front surface of the piles tion cells and the upper limbs.

second session, or remote (main) restorative massage, the duration of 40-60 minutes is conducted through 2-4-6 hours after a workout.of its time depends on the amount of physical exercise: the larger it is, the longer should be a break between the end of the training session or competition, and remote session restorative massage.For example, in the women's sprint second massage can be applied through 1.5 2 hours after the end of the competition, and after the marathon distances - not earlier than 6 hours

used techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, shaking and felting,.passive movements.They should be carried out smoothly and safely, paying attention to thorough massaging muscle attachment sites.The approximate percentage of the time between doses the following: to rubbing - 25%, in the kneading - 70% and the rest of the tricks - 5%.The sequence of massage on areas of the body is similar to the scheme of the general session.Massage is preferably carried out in a warm room.

great importance for restorative massage has a load calculation, which falls on certain muscle groups and joints in each sport.With endurance training plays an important role massage, the muscles involved in breathing, because they carry a significant load during long workouts.In many sports (athletics, wrestling, swimming, boxing, etc.), Refreshing massage, quick time, is carried out in the breaks between competitions.The nature of the massage is determined individually, as it often does not only speed up the recovery process, but also to prepare the athlete to follow sporting activity.

restorative massage in order to increase the effectiveness of the impact of the functional state of the athlete is used in combination with other reducing agents: simple thermal physiotherapy (compress, incandescent and OE), hardware massage (mostly vibration), rubbing from the group relaxants (cream "Ballet "dekontraktil et al.), bath, sauna, etc.