Cellulite and methods of dealing with them

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Cellulite - is a common disorder characterized by violation of water and fat metabolism.Cellulite - is not just the accumulation of adipose tissue in the muscle, and inflammatory and degenerative phenomena in the adipose tissue.According to surveys, it affects more than 80% of women.This is not a cosmetic defect, as has been assumed, as if to take into account the physical malaise and, most importantly, the psychological effects (in fact, if the disease is not properly and promptly treated, it becomes irreversible), it is fair to consider cellulite a dangerous disease.

in each age cellulite has a number of features that should be considered during treatment.The reasons leading to this disease are very diverse, but share common effects: cause a violation of the ratio between the volume of circulating blood and the volume of fluid in the interstitial fluid space vessels.Water exchange in the organism is very intense and up to 4000 liters per day, and if it is broken, it may lead to significant water reten


Cellulite can occur at any age.Cases of his appearance, even in children.

on the process of water-salt metabolism affects the composition of food consumed.

salty and fatty foods: pork, sauces, sausages, smoked meats, chips, pickles, as well as chocolate, bread, alcohol complicate the work of the liver - the main mechanism of detoxification.During normal operation of its pollutants are neutralized and removed from the body, but if the load is very high, the toxins may enter the bloodstream.Some of them retained in the interstitial fluid, creating the basis for the formation of cellulite.

The most likely causes of the appearance of cellulite: poor diet, hormonal disorders, sedentary lifestyle, wearing high heels, wearing compressive garments.All this leads to the same result: directly or indirectly cause fluid retention (edema).

about malnutrition we have already mentioned.The second cause of cellulitis are considered hormonal disorders.This characteristic of the disease is almost exclusively women and is associated with increased content of estrogen in the body.During pregnancy, hormone levels increase and bounces back to around the 3rd day after the birth.

Estrogens cause muscle relaxation, which affects the permeability of blood vessels, leading to an increase in liquid yield interstitial space.

Sedentary lifestyle is the cause of most cases of cellulite development at an early age, so as not providing sufficient muscle load, a person does not use the important mechanisms of pressure on the venous vessels, providing active assistance for the return of blood to the heart.Blood flow slows down, the liquid part of the blood into the tissue and "stagnant" there.The resulting swelling further slows blood flow and so on. D.

Women constantly wearing high-heeled shoes, the process described above is aggravated.

narrow, compressing compression garments part by surface vessels and disrupt metabolic processes, causing stagnation of fluids in the tissues.

As we can see, the causes of cellulite, have a common basis - the disruption of water metabolism in tissues.

At different stages of the disease can distinguish different forms of its manifestation.

When the effect already described process the liquid is reaching the interstitial space, the latest increases in volume, while there are edema, weight increased This is not cellulite, but fertile ground for his appearance.

Swelling impede the supply of oxygen to the tissues, increasing its deficit.In the body, it begins to form a substance that normally should not be.Some of them, acting on the pain receptors to cause pain, others contribute to a further increase in edema.

From this point begins, in fact, cellulite.It occurs as a defensive response to the above changes: connective tissues grow, isolating foreign substances.Forms dense jellylike substance having enveloping properties.This is the first phase of the cellulite affected area is painful to the touch, dense tissue, the skin is often shiny.

the second stage, many women have dramatically increased the number of veins on thighs.At the touch of the affected area resembles a bumpy rubber on the skin - the effect of "orange peel".

Over time, the affected areas are formed microcenters fat, surrounded by sealed capsules of connective tissue.In addition, marked fibrotic adhesions, sometimes attach to the muscles or skin.This phase is called "loose" cellulite and characterized by the fact that the lesion tissue becomes dehydrated and lifeless.In these places are changed, fibrous tissue, covered with thicker skin.This gives rise to a typical, fairly well-known defects of shape, "breeches" on the hips, drooping buttocks.

strongly pronounced manifestation of the third stage of the disease in the knees and ankles leads to the fact that the whole limb is deformed, there is a typical "elephantiasis".

It should be noted that the fight against cellulite through diet does not give result: body weight is reduced, and uneven, affected tissue remains.Moreover, the body uses fat reserves from unaffected areas (face, neck, chest).

As a result of losing weight the upper body, and the proportions are violated more.

To treat cellulite, you must first determine which components of subcutaneous fat in need of intervention.They are three:

1) swelling where the accumulated decay products;

2) seal of connective tissue;

3) areas of adipose tissue, "eliminated" from normal metabolic processes.

For each of these components has its own method of treatment:

sectoral pressure therapy - to remove excess fluids and toxins;

mesotherapy and laser therapy - to eliminate the seal of connective tissue;

low-calorie diet - to remove from the body of harmful substances and the mobilization of body fat.

All these methods give a noticeable effect only in conjunction with one another, applying them separately virtually ineffectual.It must be remembered that physical therapy methods that have a strong physical impact on the affected area are inadmissible.They are rough and all vibrating massage treatments.

So, what are the features of cellulite?

1) Surface tissues in certain parts of the body loose and thin, with fingers pressed easily.

palpated dense knots.The skin on: & gt; quiet areas indicated increased capillary fragility, frequent bruising.This so-called "soft" cellulite.

2) Surface tissue, on the contrary, dense;leather is almost always dry, wrinkled, if you pinch it with your fingers, it seems that under the skin roll pellets.This is a "solid" cellulite.

The most common intermediate forms, so that an accurate diagnosis can only be a specialist doctor.

Unrecognized cellulite nevertheless gives indirectly aware of its presence by the following features.

skin color.On cold healthy skin responds to a strong tide of blood that causes redness.Cellulite prevents a normal reaction: color is uneven, cyanotic, can appear whitish spots.

frequent seizures.Due to insufficient blood supply appear convulsions, muscle contractions occurring during or even at rest with a higher degree of damage.

bruises.If even a slight injury causes a bruise, it testifies to the fragility of the capillaries due to venous congestion.

frostbite and numbness.Occurs when the circulatory failure and a poor supply of nutrients.

Dry skin.Also it occurs when insufficient nutrition of tissues and skin.

Cold feet.lower limb arteries are squeezed and the blood flow difficult.

Feeling gravity.In the affected areas, and liquid is accumulated metabolic products, which causes increase in weight compared to healthy parts of the body.

varicose veins.Venous blood circulation slows, the veins dilate and swell, decreasing the elasticity of vessel walls.

necessary to point out a very important fact: during an exacerbation, in severe cellulitis, exercise of any intensity are useless and even aggravate the course of the disease, as they give an additional burden of the circulatory system and outputting, and already can not cope with the processes.

But as a preventive measure or after special treatment exercise is extremely effective as a perfect tonic for these systems.

Of all the sports one of the most effective for the prevention of cellulite is bodybuilding.

Activities should be aimed at stimulating the blood circulation and breathing.

The focus should be on those parts of the body that are most susceptible.As an example, we give special complexes of exercises.