Athletic gymnastics ( bodybuilding ) as a tool for improvement

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Classes athletic gymnastics cause marked morphological changes (mainly neuromuscular system): hypertrophy of muscle fibers and increase muscle physiological cross section;muscle growth, strength and strength endurance.

These changes relate mainly to the long-term increase in blood flow to the working muscle groups as a result of multiple repetitions of exercises that improves trophic (nutrition) muscle tissue.

It should be emphasized that the muscle build-up should not be an end in itself.Athletic gymnastics does not contribute to reserve capacity of the circulatory system and the body's aerobic capacity, if there is a great workout tension and breath holding during straining.This dramatically increases intrathoracic pressure, decreased blood flow to the heart, its size and stroke volume;as a result of reduced blood flow and myocardial ischemia transient develops.

At long overloads, often taking place in athletic gymnastics, these changes may be irreversible (especially in people older than 40 years).

These negative changes may be largely neutralized by changing methods of training (working with weights of not more than 50% of the maximum weight of the projectile and the rise in the inspiratory phase), which automatically eliminates the delay of breath and straining.

Classes athletic gymnastics traditionally recommended for healthy young people, subject to optimize the training process and the combination of athletic exercises with endurance training (running, etc.)

People are more mature age can use the individual exercises athletic complex, aimed at strengthening the major muscle groups (musclesshoulder girdle, back, abdominals, etc..) as a supplement after exercise endurance in cyclic exercises.

But - just one viewpoint on bodybuilding.There is another, and that's what it is.

Aerobics recommended as the only means of improvement, especially for women.However, it is believed that bodybuilding in anything she does not concede, moreover, gravity largely the same running productively.This is especially true of so-called circuit training.

Here he writes about this prominent expert in the field of healthy lifestyle, Academician Nikolai Amosov: "The correct set of exercises at a good pace provides sufficient overall load and gas exchange, gives equal development of all muscle.I think that gymnastics does no worse than running, swimming or bike and, of course, much more accessible. "

When circuit training exercises 4-6 are selected for the major muscle groups, which are executed sequentially in this mode, when the time between sets or minimal breaks between sets generally excluded.

magnitude of weights is selected such that it was possible to perform 12-15 repetitions.

One option exercises for circuit training:

Standing barbell bench press from the chest.Browsing extension legs on the simulator.Standing lifting arms with dumbbells up through the side.

In vise on the bar lifting legs.

Standing barbell curls.

Standing rise on your toes with weights on their shoulders.

This exercise regimen with weights, aerobics as well as provide the necessary cardiac muscle training effect.As for the "burning" of fat (aerobics then considered unbeatable leader), then there is effective bodybuilding as accelerates metabolism.The body builder to quickly and effectively cracking down on extra calories and keeps them stored as fat.

As it turned out, a pound of muscle burns a day at 50 calories more than a pound of fat tissue.Thus, having increased 5 kilos of muscle, you'll burn 500 calories per day more than usual.Yet on average 500 calories "burn out" during training.

There is evidence that bodybuilders energy consumption by burn 9 times more fat than the adherents of aerobic exercise.Although aerobic classes takes more energy (burn it as fuel), yoga exercises provide a more durable and long lasting result energy continues to be consumed for a long time after the workout.The same can be said about the supply of oxygen to the body.It turns out that oxygen saturation is directly related to the intensity and duration of exercise.Heavy and high-intensity training provides the athlete a long period of oxygen saturation.In addition, after such exercise dramatically increases the activity of lipolytic (fat-burning) enzymes.And after aerobic training, oddly enough, this activity is just reduced!