Production and rhythmic gymnastics for recovery

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

This type of recreational physical education is used in various forms directly in production.Introductory exercises before starting work contributes to the activation of motor nerve centers and increased blood flow to the working muscle groups.It is necessary especially in those types of production activities, which are associated with long-term preservation of sitting posture and working precision performance of small mechanical operations.

physical activities organized directly during operation.Time to be determined by the phases of change performance level - depending on the type of activity and contingent workers.Fizkulturnaya pause time must be ahead of the phase of reduction of efficiency.With the help of exercises with music for unused muscle groups (the mechanism of active rest) improved coordination of the activity of the nerve centers, precision movements activated the processes of memory, thinking and concentration, which beneficially affect the results of the production process.

Rhythmic gymnastics

In rhythmic gymnastics complex used various means of influencing the body.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the movements of the pace and intensity of exercise is given rhythm music.Lots of cross-country and jumping exercises influence mainly on the cardiovascular system, the slopes and sit-ups - on the musculoskeletal system, relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis - the central nervous system.Exercises on the ground develop muscle strength and joint mobility, cross-country series - endurance, dance - plasticity, etc.

Depending on the choice of the means of rhythmic gymnastics classes can be primarily athletics, dance, psihoreguliruyuschy or mixed...The nature of energy supply, the degree of enhancement functions of respiration and circulation depending on the type of exercise.

Depending on the selection of a series of exercises and movements tempo rhythmic gymnastics classes can have a sports or recreational nature.Maximum stimulation of blood circulation to the level of the heart rate of 180-200 beats / min can only be used in sports training of young healthy people.In this case, it is mainly anaerobic in nature and is accompanied by inhibition of aerobic energy supply mechanisms.A significant stimulation of fat metabolism does not occur in this nature of energy supply;therefore there are no weight loss and normalization of cholesterol metabolism, as well as the development of general endurance and performance.

Classes improving orientation and range of motion exercises should be carried out a series of tempo so that the training was of mostly aerobic character (with an increase in heart rate in the range of 130-150 beats / min).Then, along with the improvement of the functions of the musculoskeletal system (increase in muscle strength, joint mobility, flexibility) and may increase the level of general endurance, but to a much lesser extent than in the performance of cyclic exercises.