Exercises for slimming

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Lying on his back

1. Hands behind your head, stretch - breath;put your hands down at your sides - exhale.

2. retractor, and then relax the stomach.Breathing is arbitrary.

3. Bend the right leg diagonally to the left shoulder, then straighten.Repeat this movement with each foot alternately.Breathing is arbitrary.

4. Legs bent.Movement of the feet to the right, then to the left (feet together).The first 1-2 weeks exercise is performed without removing the foot from the support, and then feet on weight.Breathing is arbitrary.

5. Circular motion feet ( "bicycle").The first days of each leg alternately perform, in 1-2 weeks - two feet.Breathing is arbitrary.

6. Pull your hands behind your head - inhale;bend the legs, holding their hands to the chest, - exhale.

7. Lift the right leg diagonally to the left, then lower.Alternately.Breathing is arbitrary.

8. Circular motion straight legs (feet together).Alternately in each direction.Circle to perform on the exhale.

9. Go from a prone position in a sitti

ng position and back.Breathing is arbitrary.

Standing on all fours

10. Lower the hips to the right, then left without taking his hands from the support.Breathing is arbitrary.

11. Bend the arms and move into position lying on his stomach, then straighten your arms, back and position on all fours (hands are not slipping).Breathing is arbitrary.

12. Raise the leg - inhale, lower - exhale.Alternately.


13. Walking usual;walking, rolling from heel to toe;walking, lifting his knees high, - 2-3 minutes.Breathing is arbitrary.

14. The circular movements with his hands forward, then back.Breathing is arbitrary.

15. Hands up.Lean forward - exhale, then return to the starting position - a breath.

16. Hands on waist, feet shoulder width apart.The circular motion to the right pelvis.Then to the left.Breathing is arbitrary.

17. Hands omitted.Feet shoulder width apart.Hand in hand with the turn to the right - a breath, take a starting position - exhale.Same with left turn.

18. Adhering to hand over the back of a chair, raise and lower the right leg, without touching her sex.Then the left leg.Breathing is arbitrary.

19. Keeping hold of the back of the chair, withdraw and lower right leg, without touching her sex.Then the left leg.Breathing is arbitrary.

20. Hands up, feet shoulder width apart.The circular motion of the body.Alternately in each direction.Breathing is arbitrary.

21. Squats.Inhale - stand up, breathe out - to sit down.

22. Walking usual;walking, performing step swing arms left foot to the left, right - the right swing.Breathing is arbitrary.

23. Standing, holding his hands behind his chair, alternately lift legs, knees touching the back of the chair.Breathing is arbitrary.

24. Slow Running.0.5-5 min.

25. Walking usual;Walking hand over hand up - inhale, lower - exhale.1-3 min.

26. Standing with his hand on his chair.Mahi relaxed leg back and forth.The same with the other leg.Breathing is arbitrary.

27. Standing, holding his hands behind his chair, rise on your toes - breath;roll on your heels, picking up socks - exhale.

28. Hand in hand - breath;give up with polunaklonom forward, relaxing - exhale.

29. Hands on the belly.Inhale - abdomen bulges brushes slide on the belly and sides;exhale - the stomach is pulled by hand.