Physical education for harmony

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

What often motivates people to do health-enhancing physical activity?

There are several reasons: health promotion and disease prevention;increase efficiency;pleasure from the process of training;the desire to improve their performance (sports motivation);desire to communicate;the desire to know their body, its possibilities;motivation of creativity, motivation education and strengthening families;"Family" class;occasional motivation.However, many observations, the most powerful incentive for employment is just fun, a great sense of joy that they bring.In most cases, classes stop those people who as a result of improper training were not able to experience these sensations.

According to the degree of influence on the body all kinds of improving physical training (depending on the movements of the structure) can be divided into two major groups: exercise cyclic and acyclic nature.Cyclic exercise - these are motor acts, which for a long time constantly repeats the same complete engine cycle.These include

walking, jogging, skiing, cycling, swimming, boating.

In the acyclic movements exercises structure does not have the stereotypical cycle and changes and their implementation.These include gymnastic and yoga exercises, jumping, throwing, sports, martial arts.Acyclic exercises have a predominant influence on the function of the musculoskeletal system, resulting in increased muscle strength, reaction time, flexibility and joint mobility, lability (mobility) neuromuscular system.The types using mainly acyclic exercises include hygiene and production gymnastics classes in groups of health and general physical training (OPT), the rhythmic and athletic gymnastics, hatha yoga.

Let us first consider something in common, that is inherent in all types of health-enhancing physical education.

Health training - an indispensable tool of detente and neutralize the negative emotions that cause chronic nerve strain.These factors greatly increase the risk of heart attack as a result of excess revenues in the blood of the adrenal hormones - adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Wellness exercise, especially aerobic exercise and athletic gymnastics, combined with water treatments are the best way to combat insomnia and neurasthenia - diseases of the XX century, caused by nervous stress and an abundance of incoming information.As a result of eliminating nervous stress, improves sleep and mood, increases efficiency.Particularly useful in this regard evening workouts that relieve negative emotions accumulated during the day, and "burn" the excess adrenaline released as a result of stress.Thus, exercise is the best natural tranquilizer - more effective than medication.Eliminates the need for and inadequate food as a "sedative".

calming influence prolonged physical exertion moderate intensity increases the effects of pituitary hormones (endorphins) that are released into the blood when working on endurance.When intensive exercise their blood content increases by 5 times compared to the rest level and is held in an elevated concentration for a few hours.Endorphins cause a peculiar state of euphoria, a sense of causeless joy, physical and mental well-being, suppresses the feeling of hunger and pain, resulting in mood improves dramatically.

Psychiatrists widely used cyclic exercise in the treatment of depressive states - regardless of their cause.

As a result of the diverse impact of physical training on the central nervous system with regular changes of long-term employment and personal sporty type, his mental status.Psychologists believe that jogging lovers, rhythmic and athletic gymnastics become more sociable, contact, friendly, have higher self-esteem and confidence in their abilities and capabilities.In dealing with hatha yoga conflicts occur much less frequently, and are perceived much calmer;psychological stress in sporty or not at all developed, or the neutralized in time, which is the best means of prevention of myocardial infarction.

As a result, a good rest of the central nervous system increases not only the physical but also the mental capacity, the creative possibilities of man.Many scholars have noted increasing creativity and fruitfulness of scientific research after the start of physical exercise (even in old age).

Swimming, boating, Lucky, running, biking have a significant positive effect on the circulatory system and the immune system, including susceptibility to cancer.

Thus, positive changes as a result of employment by improving physical training promote health and improve the body's resistance to the action of environmental factors.

Due to the activation of fat metabolism exercises is an effective way of normalization of body weight.

People who regularly engaged in jogging or athletic gymnastics, body weight close to ideal, but the fat content is 1.5 times less than that of nebegayuschih.It is important that runners and bodybuilders do this by not restricting your diet, and not adhering to special diets.

very effective in this regard may be brisk walking (1 hour per day), which corresponds to 300-400 kcal energy consumption depending on the body weight.Additional energy consumption amount for 2 weeks in this case is less than 3500 kcal, leading to a loss of 500 g of fatty tissue.As a result, for 1 month of training in improving walking (without changing the diet), weight decrease by 1 kg.

dosage physical activity helps to normalize body weight is not only due to the increase of energy consumption, but also as a result of the oppression of hunger feelings (in the allocation of endorphins in the blood).The decrease in body weight by increasing energy expenditure (via exercise) more physiological.

After working workout muscle "by inertia" for several hours continue to consume more oxygen, which leads to additional energy consumption.In the case of pronounced obesity is most effective combination of both methods - endurance training and limited diet (from fat and carbohydrates).

So, exercise along with diet are the main tool in the fight against obesity.If special meal regulates energy flow in the body, the physical culture not only increase energy consumption, but also strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and normalize the activity of the intestines, develop muscles and ligaments.Within 2-3 months of regular exercise decreases body weight by several kilograms, improves mood and increases efficiency.Even the posture and gait improved.

To do this, of course, will have to show perseverance and patience, because to engage in physical exercise should be regular, gradually increasing physical activity, not limited to a complex of gymnastic exercises, and the use of hiking, skiing, swimming, boating, sports, biking, skating.

Do not give up and the available physical labor.However, one should begin with physical exercises (preferably before breakfast) and hiking.Other types of physical activities are appointed by a doctor, and after a certain time.For sporting activities should begin no earlier than in 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

beginning to perform physical exercises better in the supine position.Under head and shoulders should be put a pillow in order to create more favorable conditions for the work of the heart and respiratory system.Engage in need with clothes, does not restrict movement, but quite warm, thus contributing to more sweating.Duration of employment - from 20 to 60 minutes, but the pace of the exercises slow and medium, large amplitude.Each movement is repeated 5 to 30 times.Mostly used exercises for large muscle groups, focusing on the abdominals.

breath while exercising often arbitrary, but it can not hold up.After a difficult exercise introduced a pause for relaxation or breathing exercises.

In the early days of training exercises are carried out only with the 1-7, 14-17 and 25-30 with the minimum number of repetitions of each.With the improvement of fitness and, after 1-3 weeks of regular exercise, gradually, over several months, are introduced all the below exercises are complex, and the number of repetitions of each of them shall be notified to the maximum.

It should be remembered that the increase in heart rate during the training allowed to 130-150 beats / min, and after the occupation of the pulse can exceed the original no more than 10/15 beats / min.And, of course, exercise should not cause pain in the heart, dizziness, headache, fatigue and other significant adverse events.In obesity, pronounced changes in the cardiovascular system and other pathologies is recommended to engage on the methodology used in these diseases.

After gymnastics very well for cheerfulness take a cool shower, of course, if you are not afraid of cold.