Self-massage for obesity

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Massage in obesity is not shown because it does not lead to weight loss.Recommended self-massage, which increases power consumption.The body or parts of it can be massaged his hands, a special apparatus (vibrator) and water.

Self-massage, as massage is contraindicated with elevated body temperature, fevers, skin and fungal diseases.In no case do not massage if the skin is contaminated.

Self-massage like massage, produce from the periphery to the center in the direction to nearby lymph nodes.They are located in the elbow, knees, armpits and groin.Areas of lymph nodes can not be massaged.

prerequisite is the adoption of a massage before a situation in which would have achieved the maximum relaxation of the muscles of the area.

Stop it is massed sitting, grasping it with both hands and several times vigorously stroking from fingertips to the shin.Then, in the same direction triturated toes, the back surface of the foot sole and ankle.Triturate in a circle, fingers of both hands simultaneously.Soles rubb

ing his fist.

Massage ends with a common foot stroking.Then each finger individually bent, straightened and led away.

Shin massage and sitting, bending the knee.With one hand, grip the front surface, and the other - the back and at the same time stroking the entire lower leg from the bottom up to the knee.Trituration

thumbs are positioned on the front surface, and the other - on the back.Shin rubbing circular motions from the ankle upwards.Front of the leg rubbed his thumbs and also longitudinally.Rubbing produce up and down on each segment shin.In conclusion, stroke the front surface of the lower leg, and then the calf muscle.

Stifle massaged while sitting with half-bent knees.First, the area of ​​the joint stroke, and then rubbed in a circular motion.Popliteal fossa should not be massaged.

thigh massage at a slightly bent leg, first stroke the outside, and then inside the surface of the knee joint up before reaching the groin.Thigh rubbing circular movements, more energetic on the outer surface.Apply and kneading thigh.For this purpose, one or the other hand to grasp it in the longitudinal folds and compress.

finish stroking massage from the bottom up, not touching the groin area.Massaging the feet is not recommended for varicose veins.

buttocks massage standing, putting aside for the toe and relaxing right leg and buttock.Right-handed stroke and knead the right buttock, then massage the left.

The lumbar massage standing, leaning back slightly, stroking and rubbing it with both hands simultaneously.Massage movements circular, transverse and longitudinal.

Brush one hand massage the fingers and palm of the other.Strokes on the back, and then the palmar surface of the forearm to the fingertips.Stroking replace rubbing."Pads" thumb rubbed a hand, each finger individually, back of the hand and wrist joint.Massage finish stroking hands, like when pulling tight gloves.

forearm massage, slightly bent elbow and turning her hand first down and then up.

All movements made longitudinally, circularly from the wrist toward the elbow.

elbow stroking and rubbing with a bent arm in a circular motion.

Shoulder massage with his hand down.The outer surface of the shoulder and rubbing stroke from the bottom up from the elbow, grasping the elbow.When stroking and rubbing the inner surface of the shoulder should not be up to the armpit.

Breast massage while sitting.Hand massaged half of the body is lowered.Fingers of the other hand on the stroke half intercostal space of the chest from front to back.The same make and on the other half.Breast massage is impossible.

abdomen can be massaged only on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.The abdomen is massaged while lying on your back, knees bent.In this position relaxes the abdominal wall.First produced stroking, describing a series of circles from right to left in a clockwise direction.Pressure Force, initially small and gradually increase, especially in obese.For stroking be kneading.Produce small rotational movement of the lower abdomen on the right.Centimeter by centimeter fingers moved up to the ribs, and then across the abdomen and down further.

Finish kneading the left lower abdomen.Following "and kneading again produce circular strokes.You can stroke the belly at the same time with both hands on the sides to the navel, as if picking up a stomach.

Massage abdomen need to finish the active gymnastic exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles.During menstruation, pregnancy and diseases of the gallbladder can not massage the abdomen.