Exercise therapy for obesity

August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Nature has generously endowed the human muscles and based on their intensive operation, but not for a long rest.It would be truly tragic if the life support systems of the body have been adapted only to the peace conditions.This would lead to the fact that the body Dust would not be able to cope with often occurring situations that require intense activity of various systems.

Maintaining muscular system in working condition necessary for normal metabolism and preventing obesity.Working muscles - an insurmountable obstacle for fat.The active muscular activity accompanied by a series of biochemical processes, resulting in the formation of matter entering the blood and has a stimulating effect on the metabolic and oxidative processes in the cardiovascular system and central nervous system function.

All this leads to the conclusion: it is necessary to maintain the body in constant working order, systematically applying the feasible physical activity and a balanced diet using tools.

Exercise therapy for o

besity used to stimulate the metabolism by increasing the rate of redox processes and increase energy, improve the impaired function of the cardiovascular system and respiration, reduce the patient's body weight, improve physical performance, promotenormalization of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

for the treatment of obesity used morning hygienic gymnastics, gymnastics, dosed walking, running, exercise at the gym, special physical exercises in the pool, swimming in open water, hiking, boating, biking, skiing, skating, outdoor and sports games.

Before the start of classes should consult a physical therapy doctor.

total physical activity should be submaximal and individualized in accordance with the functionality of the patient.For greater effectiveness of the various forms of gymnastics alternate throughout the day.The duration of each treatment procedure gym from 5 to 45-60 minutes.

patients with I-II degree of obesity, previously engaged in physical culture and sports under the age of 40 years in the classroom at the gym recommended physical activity that causes the heart rate increase (HR) 75% of the initial heart rate (at rest).It should be a 5-minute load alternate with 3-minute breaks for rest.Duration of training - 30-90 minutes.The course - 18-20 procedures.

patients exogenous constitutional obesity III degree with associated diseases are not physically prepared, under the age of 80 years, during class at the gym recommended physical activity that causes the heart rate increase of 50% from the initial heart rate (at rest).It should alternate between the 3-minute load with 5-minute pause for rest.Duration 20-60 minutes.The course - 18-20 procedures.

training on simulators advisable combined with physiotherapy, special exercise to affect the abdominal muscles, and other forms of physical therapy.

Running for 1-2 min should be alternated with walking and breathing exercises.Walking performed 2-3 times a day, starting with 3.2 km and 10 km gradually reaching a day (fractional).

While walking, you can not fast alternate walking with rapid (50-100 m), after which the recommended breathing exercises and relaxing walking.Gradually accelerated walking increased to 200-500 m. After a 2-3-month training is shown jogging, starting from 25-50 meters and gradually increase up to 300-500 m. It is advisable not to carry out these jogging once, but fractionally during the day (runningIt is allowed at any time of the day and evening).