August 12, 2017 17:50 | How To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Autogenic training was developed by the German psychoneurologist J. Schultz on the basis of the methods of the Indian yogis and European hypnotist.Its essence - the ability to cause a feeling of heaviness and heat in the limbs.This sensation is accompanied by a dilation of blood vessels, and muscle relaxation.In this state, self-hypnosis particularly effective.The man relaxed thus can independently conduct themselves therapeutic auto-suggestion.

Mastering the technique, it is desirable to start under the guidance of a therapist.

Classes are held in the most relaxed and comfortable position of the body, most often lying on his back with his eyes closed.The lids should cover, not squeezing, relax the muscles of the body.

Try to escape from all the extraneous thoughts and feel your body.Feeling his rest from head to toe, mentally talked for several times: "I relax and calm down."

mental Each phrase must be feeling, which should achieve pictorial representation content of the phrase.Then in brackets are

examples of such images, but can be of other situations that are closer to you.

For the full sense of calm following formula applies:

I am completely calm.(Imagine your face perfectly calm, relaxed, sleeping).

nothing worries me.(Remember the feeling experienced by one of serene rest).

All my muscles relaxed for pleasant recreation.(Feel this relaxation).

I am completely calm.(Think of the rest).

After achieving complete rest, start self-hypnosis feeling of heaviness in the limbs.If you are right handed, focus first on your right hand.

I feel pleasant heaviness in his right hand.(The muscles are relaxed right hand).

heavier right hand more and more.(Call the feeling in his hand, lifted out of hot water when you are lying in the bath).

nice right hand became heavy.(Feel leaden heaviness in his right hand).

I am completely calm.(Think of the rest).

Some trainees when a lead weight in the right hand there is the same severity in other extremities.In the absence of such sensations relax consistently left arm, right leg and left leg to reach them the same sensations of gravity, as in the right hand.

then you need to call a feeling of warmth in his right hand:

In his right hand felt a pleasant warmth.(Hand warm hot air from the heater, dryer).

Blood vessels in his right hand extended.(Think about the heat).

healthy hot blood warmed his right hand.(Hand immersed in warm water).

Pleasant feeling of warmth spread through his right hand.(Think about the heat).

right hand up to the fingertips became heavy and warm.The tips of the fingers throbbing.(Think of the weight and warmth).

After reaching causes sensation in his right hand in the same way go to the other end, as was done in causing weight.

Even against the background of the received sensations of gravity and heat can be carried out against their self-hypnosis pain or bad habits.

I rest (pre-designed to inspire formula) ...

The following exercises are aimed:

1. On normalization and rhythm of breathing: "I breathe easily and freely, rhythmically."

2. On the normalization of the heart: "My heart was beating rhythmically, smoothly.The chest is easy and free. "

3. On the induction of heat in the epigastric region, in the solar plexus area, "Solar Plexus stream of warm rays around the belly."

4. For preventing the transition autorelaksatsii in natural sleep, "My forehead is cool slightly.Head light.It is absolutely free from extraneous thoughts.The head is fresh and clear.I can concentrate. "

reaching full self-immersion, which will require for self-training of about two months, carry out self-hypnosis treatment for removal of excessive appetite.Classes are recommended in the morning and before bedtime.

My decision to lose weight firmly and steadfastly.

I do not care for sweets.

Nothing will make me overeat.

my will every day becomes stronger.

Nobody and nothing will knock me out of the way of harmony.

rich Buffet is hostility.

I am proud of the harmony.

I disliked the form of obese people.

I am full of energy and very calm.